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Brand Ambassador

At Pacsafe® we admire and take our hats off to those who travel to the ends of the Earth and back! Those who go to the extreme, who dare to break boundaries, immerse themselves in new cultures and of course, those who give back to this amazing planet!

Intrepid Adventurer. Photographer. Environmentalist. Ben Hicks does it all, and even better, his photography focus is shooting our favourite animal, the sea turtle!

He's a true adventure traveller at heart, a creative, risk-taking photographer with a passion for the environment! Meet our new Brand Ambassador Ben Hicks of Boca Raton, Florida, USA. Ben's journeyed across the Americas and ventured to exotic locales capturing the majestic beauty of the natural world. This self-proclaimed 'adventure boy' not only strives to portray the familiar in extraordinarily original ways, but also takes big risks to capture that all important shot, whether it be gigantic waves or precarious animal encounters – whatever it is though, it's all with the aim to advance appreciation for nature and raise environmental awareness.

Given his passion for nature and inspiring Loggerhead turtle hatchling photos (recently featured in National Geographic), it's easy to see why we love him here at Pacsafe®.

We've been wondering in the office how big his biceps are from carrying that huge camera! We're honoured to be working with such great talent and excited to see where his adventures take him.

He's wild, wacky and travels to the Extreme! He's none other than actor, director and TV host of History Channel's Hidden Cities Extreme –the incomparable and one-of-a-kind Simon Yin.

Simon's travelled all over Asia to experience some of the most breathtaking, not to mention dangerous, challenges known to man: He's eaten Tarantulas, trained with Ninja's, hunted down the Asian giant hornet, been initiated into an indigenous tribe, forged blades with a sword-maker, handled deadly snakes and even swam with eels. Don't believe us? Then check out season 2 of Hidden Cities Extreme.

His Extreme travels make him the Extreme Pacsafer! We've got his back and keep his gear secure, so he can feel free to get out there, get off the beaten track and live for the moment.

Simon's also directed several commercials & music videos with his production company Mustard, as well as directed the feature film Super-capitalist which debuted in the likes of New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco; and was distributed internationally through Warner Brothers.