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The Pacsafe Turtle Fund

We haven’t forgotten our roots. Initially inspired by the sea turtle and its independent global wanderings, we believe in sustainability and doing everything we can to work with local communities at grass roots levels to ensure the sea turtle doesn’t become the next Dodo.

By outsmarting the threats they face, we’ll help to protect their natural habitats, focus on breeding programmes and help raise awareness to save this intrepid, adventurous and majestic creature.

The Pacsafe Turtle Fund and The Latin American Sea Turtle Initiative

This year's first project will support Latin American Sea Turtles (LAST) in Costa Rica, in conjunction with EOCA (European Outdoor Conservation Association), a non profit organisation which raises funds from the Outdoor Industry to put directly into nature conservation projects worldwide.

Not only is LAST known for their comprehensive community-based programme and tireless work, but the conservation site is an important nesting site for Leatherback and Green turtles, and occasionally rare Hawksbill turtles, and is the fourth most important nesting area for the Atlantic Leatherback turtle population worldwide.

The project will include nest monitoring and protection, turtle tagging, habitat restoration, beach clean ups, running a rescue centre and hatchery, and increasing community awareness and involvement through educational materials, school seminars and workshops.

All photos Courtesy of Widecast

How the Pacsafe Turtle Fund works

The Pacsafe Turtle Fund was launched this May, 2014 with the aim of donating funds annually to projects around the world that conserve the most endangered turtle species on the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) red list, such as the leatherback, loggerhead, green and hawksbill turtles.

Seeing some of these critically endangered species come off the IUCN red list is part of Pacsafe’s long-term vision and we’re committed to a world with healthy oceans and coastlines where all marine turtles, can travel and flourish in a safe, secure and clean environment.

How to Apply for Funding

Non-profit sea turtle organisations can apply to us for grants and funds to help support the conservation of sea turtles in their country. We currently select 1 project per year to fund and the project selected is at the sole discretion of the Pacsafe Management Team who also reserves the right to seek advice from outside field experts.

Applications for 2015 funding will run from 1st August – 31st August, 2014

For a project criteria checklist and application form, please contact us.