Terry Winship in Barranco, Lima

Terry Winship - Malaysia

I am a single mom traveling around the world with my 9 year old daughter to celebrate my 50th birthday. Today is our 280 day of travel. We have been to the USA, Canada, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Thailand – now we are in Malaysia.

We are traveling with a pacsafe daypack, handbag and safe. These 3 items are used every day and I love especially the safe – it contains our ipad, laptop, kindle, credit cards, cash and passports. We are traveling very light – the pacsafe daybag is my main luggage item. We both have 4 pairs of clothing (top and bottom) in the bag and one on our bodies !

This picture is of me in Barranco,  Lima waiting for a taxi to the airport – with a pacsafe handbag open next to me, and daypack in front of me.

Thank you

Ms Terry Winship (traveling with Indygo Winship)