5 of the World’s Most Beautiful Train Rides

Trans-Siberian Railway
The absolute longest railway that exists on this spectacular planet should be on every human’s list of things to do once in their lifetime. Crossing the entirety of Russia, the Trans-Siberian Express is an unforgettable adventure. From Moscow to Vladivostok the train runs 9,829 kilometers and would take 10 days if you could endure it nonstop. The railway also extends out to Beijing, China and dips into Mongolia for a diverse peek into the Eurasian continent. A sense of adventure and open-mind could make this one of the greatest journeys out there.

Pride of Africa
Serious planning ahead and a sizable budget are necessary to experience this legendary train. Dubbed as the most luxurious train in the world, the ‘Pride of Africa’ travels through South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Tanzania. The natural views are some of the most beautiful on this planet and you get to cruise around in a comfortable and opulent environment that feels like something from the past. During a 14-day journey you can seem of the greatest features that Southern Africa has to offer!

The Indian Maharaja
This train is far from just a mode of transportation. With an unmatchable ambience and style the ‘Indian Maharaja’ is an absolutely epic way to see one of the most fascinating countries on earth. From a fine dining and drinking cars to a full spa your time aboard this train will be thoroughly enjoyed. The route can be customized and goes to a large number of famous Indian places including the Taj Mahal. It is said to recreate the experience of the ‘Age of Princes’ in India.

Glacier Express
The most well known train in Switzerland, the Glacier express is one of the greatest train journeys in Europe. The train connects Zermatt and St. Moritz, which are two of the most beautiful mountain cities in Switzerland and known for world-class skiing. Even if you hate the cold, these dramatic mountain views will play games with your eyes that you will never forget! The route winds through spectacular terrain and the highest tunnel in the Alp.

The Ghan
This 48-hour journey draws a line through the very center of the Australian continent. Beginning on the Southern coast of Adelaide the train ventures north through Alice Springs and ending up in Darwin. It runs twice a week through a part of Australia that most people know very little about. The name comes from Afghani camel drivers who were some of the first to venture and explore into the center of the continet.

By Alex Vere Nicoll