5 Reasons to Go – Mexico City

Templo mayor, the historic center of Mexico city

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Mexico, known to many Americans as “more exciting than Canada”. Just across our border is a wonderland of travel opportunities and yet when most travelers think of their ideal international destinations, their minds turn to lands in Europe, Asia, Africa and the furthest reaches of South America. There is a sense that Mexico is too easy, too dangerous, too overdone, too touristy, too hot, too dirty, and on, and on, and on. There are a thousand reasons not to go to Mexico. But there are at least 1,005 reasons to overrule them and just go. Here are those extra five.

To the average traveler, the name Mexico inspires visions of a blistering sun set underlined by a refreshing, azure ocean. Because most travelers know that Mexico City doesn’t have a beach, they assume that all that’s left is a blistering sun, which doesn’t sound that nice. Fortunately,

someone had the foresight to position this sprawling urban megalopolis at a fairly high elevation, 7,350 feet to be exact. The result is a surprisingly temperate environment. In fact, the highest annual temperature in Mexico City is not usually much above 90. If anything, it’s too cold.

Sampling most media outlets, going to Mexico seems about as safe as licking a speeding semi and for what it’s worth, many parts are riddled with violence and very unsafe. However, many of the most dangerous places are nearer the coastal tourist regions than they are to Mexico City.

In an age when a flight across the country can easily cost over $600, a cheap international destination is almost unheard of. Flights from all corners of the country to Mexico City can be had for under $400 and are often even cheaper than that. Furthermore, once you get to the city, traveling expenses are significantly lower than most U.S. destinations, both in terms of food and lodging. Furthermore, the sad fact is that many people are still wary of visiting our southern neighbor, despite how safe certain parts are.

Many travelers that make it to Mexico end up at all-inclusive resorts where they’re more likely to see fruit salad and Jello molds than they are authentic fare. Mexico is a vast country with very distinct culinary regions. By going to the central hub, you gain the opportunity to mow down amazing food from all these states, rather than feebly nimble on watered down version from only one area.

Beyond Mexico lie a host of alternative, exotic destinations: Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and more are just a hop away. For the more flexible traveler, extending your trip to these additional monkey-ridden hotspots is far more possible. You’ll also have access to cheaper airfare and alternative modes of transportation, including the also adventuresome bus lines.

By Patrick Hutchison