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10 Breakfast Foods From Around The World

Americans are doing breakfast all wrong. Except for bacon, of course, but other than that we’ve been scarfing down some pretty bland eats compared to the rest of the world. Here are a few breakfast treats from around the globe that we should take a little inspiration from. Croissants and […]

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Discover Paris in a Day

Paris is a city best discovered over the course of a week, maybe two, but sometimes you have to settle for what you can get. Whether a delayed flight ruins your vacation plans or your business trip will only leave you with a short period in which to explore the […]

Pau: Capital of the Pyrenees

Pau: Capital of the Pyrenees

One wouldn’t expect to find streets lined with palm trees in the southwest of France, but that’s exactly what you get when you take a stroll along the Boulevard des Pyrénées in the charming city of Pau. This uniquely adorned walkway is the opening gateway that lends itself to a […]


What You Need to Know About Getting Online Worldwide

In this highly connected world we live in, it’s difficult to make it through a day without finding a reason to get online. Whether you’re tethered to the Internet because of work, or you just want to stay in touch with friends, you need to understand the realities of logging […]


9 Tips for Handling a Cancelled or Delayed Flight

An unscheduled change to your flight can alter your travel plans in horrifying ways. It’s easy to get angry at the first sign of a cancelled or delayed flight, but yelling at the airline agent isn’t the appropriate form of action. Here are some tips to help you handle a […]


6 Adrenaline-Filled Abseiling Locations Around the World

Abseiling used to be simply known as rappelling—something you did after you climb your way up the side of a cliff in order to get back down. Lately, it’s become a sport unto itself. If you’ve always wanted to speed down the side of a giant wall but aren’t sure […]

8 Camera Accessories You Need On Your Next Trip

8 Camera Accessories You Need On Your Next Trip

A high quality camera is a requirement for any overseas trip. You’ve got to capture the memories! Any good camera needs some accessories to go along with it, so set aside the funds for a few extra tidbits before your next adventure so you can snap the best photos possible. […]


What To Do When You Lose Your US Passport While Overseas

Travelers spend a lot of time and money securing their passports, then even more money coming up with ways to keep them safe while traveling. We buy passport protectors, safes and we look for ways to hide them from potential thieves. Unfortunately, no method is full proof and occasionally your […]


8 Vaccines You Need Before Traveling

America is a pretty safe place when it comes to infectious diseases—things like polio and measles have been all but wiped out thanks to vaccines. Around the world is a different story. There are still diseases floating around you’d never dream of catching here in the States, so it’s important […]


7 Safety Tips for Men Who Travel Alone

Traveling solo is an exciting experience, but it comes without the added protection of safety in numbers you might be used to having. While men might not face the same perils in solo traveling around the world as women, there’s still risk involved. Follow these tips to keep yourself, and […]