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Articles written by: Elizabeth Kovar

Elizabeth is fitness professional, workshop presenter and freelance writer. She is an active traveler who treks the globe looking for interesting stories to write and places to photograph. Her most significant travel achievements include living and volunteering in Australia twice and studied yoga in India.


Marriage Symbols Across the Globe

Meeting locals, and the opposite sex, is part of one’s journey overseas. Before leaving home, get acquainted with the culture’s wedding traditions, customs and symbols. These are some weird, strange, yet traditional symbols of marriage across the globe. Good Ol’ English Cultures To Americans, rings are worn on the left […]


6 European Fall Festivals for Foodies

Fall is here, and the new season is an opportunity to see the world under a different light. For example, Europe blossoms with exciting festivals, perfect for foodies and sweet tooths. Keep the Tums at home and get ready for scrumptious yet delectable meals served fresh at these fall European food festivals. Alba White […]


6 International Destinations to visit during Fall

Fall is the perfect season to take advantage of cheaper prices and explore fall festivities with a full pocket book and a handful of scrumptious food. Heat up your vacation plans as the weather cools with these Fall destinations that are worth every penny. Great Masurian Lakes, Poland Poland is […]


Italy’s Top Fall Food and Wine Festivals

Italy is a primo European destination for foodies and vino lovers alike. Visitors experience fine palate food and mouth watering wine year round. The fall season presents a perfect opportunity to explore the best of Italian food including pasta, truffles, wine and even potatoes.  Bring your appetite as Italy warms […]


Top Fall Festivals in India

India is known to be hot, humid and harsh in the summer thanks to monsoons. The fall season is the perfect time to discover India during temperate climates while exploring its true ethnic culture. From tika powder to camels, these are the top festivals to explore in India during the […]


8 Creepy Halloween Destinations in Europe

Halloween invites supernatural seekers to explore haunted towns and discover the ghoulish ancient history of Europe. These historic and eerie Halloween destinations are perfect to scare the beetle-juice out of travelers who desire to discover Europe’s haunted history. Burial sites, haunted hotels and bloody castles are some of the many […]


Top 7 Lighthouse Hotels

Once the guiding light for ships, lighthouses have reawakened as chic and homely hotels, all featuring an amazing waterfront view. Creative minds and innovative interior decorators have reincarnated the cold and bland lighthouses into a cozy and hospitable home for captain’s and their ship mates. These top lighthouse hotels are […]

Top International Halloween Party Destinations

Top International Halloween Party Destinations

Halloween is the one time per year where risqué costumes and zombie-like bashes are acceptable and thrive. Although popular in America, countries around the world are adopting this annual holiday for costume parties, community parades, and the chance to eat a lollie. Halloween Eastern Caribbean Singles Cruise, Caribbean Sail away […]

World’s Cheapest Hostels

World’s Cheapest Hostels

Are you looking to save a buck? Or maybe a hundred? If so, get ready to rest your jetlagged body for pennies on the dollar. Luckily, your bed head won’t come from a cardboard box, but rather a cool, quaint and affordable hostel. When in Rome, be sure to save […]

World’s Most Unique Geological Wonders

World’s Most Unique Geological Wonders

When nature creates something spectacular one must wonder, “How on earth do these landscapes exist?” Whatever the answer may be, one knows there is no question that these geological wonders are the most spectacular creations on the planet. Antelope Canyon, Arizona Located on Navajo land, near Page, Arizona, Antelope Canyon […]