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Articles written by: Elizabeth Kovar

Elizabeth is fitness professional, workshop presenter and freelance writer. She is an active traveler who treks the globe looking for interesting stories to write and places to photograph. Her most significant travel achievements include living and volunteering in Australia twice and studied yoga in India.

World’s 7 Best Oktoberfests

World’s 7 Best Oktoberfests

‘Tis the season for pumpkin beer, hoppy ale, and lederhosen. Oktoberfests are here, and all over the world people are celebrating the wonderful gift of barley and hops. Das Oktoberfest have been in celebration since 1810, and those who cannot make it to the world-famous Munich celebration need not fear, […]

6 Phenomenal Fall Festivals in Europe

6 Phenomenal Fall Festivals in Europe

Most people travel to Europe during the summer months to experience excellent weather, café culture and Mediterranean beaches. However, fall season offers exciting outings and phenomenal festivals equipped with cheaper airfare, hotels and temperate climate. Fall attaches the heartstrings of many European lovers, and is the primo destination for harvests, […]

How to Travel with Pets

How to Travel with Pets

Put the dog in the carrier—check. Put the passport in the bag—check. Traveling with pets being this easy? Uncheck! Traveling with pets sounds simple, but in reality it is an arduous process, especially when moving abroad. Follow these guidelines to ensure you and your pet travel safely around the world. […]

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5 Vacations that Went Wrong but Ended Up Even Better

Throughout my collegiate years I had the opportunity to live abroad three times. Twice in Australia and once in India, with my fourth move abroad coming up shortly to Germany. Although the thrill of traveling excites every globe-trekker, most forget the reality of the dark side of tourism. Getting sick, […]

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Top World Wildlife Destinations

Lions, tigers and bears—oh my! Luckily, these animals exist in various places on the planet, and not just in the land of Oz. Bring your binoculars and cameras as you explore some of the best wildlife destinations on the planet. San Juan Islands, Washington The San Juans are home to […]

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Dangerous Outdoor Trips that will Empty Your Wallet

Are you looking to blow your money on something risky? Instead of purchasing the stable life insurance policy, adventure enthusiasts start stacking up the Benjamin’s in hopes for an adrenaline rush. Whether its diving with sharks, or bungee jumping over volcanoes, these risk-taking trips cost a pretty penny.  But for […]

Most Unique Spiritual Trips for Enlightenment

Most Unique Spiritual Trips for Enlightenment

As human existence has entered the Age of Enlightenment, travelers head around the world in search of a spiritual awakening. If seeking to find your inner-light and spread your wings, awaken your soul’s purpose through these spiritual trips for finding enlightenment. Camino de Santiago Pilgrimage Walk, Spain This famous pilgrimage […]

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Most Photogenic Destinations in the World

Traveling abroad is exciting, but what really knocks the socks off photographer’s feet are the endless opportunities to capture one-of-a-kind images. Stellar photographers can make even the dreariest of places look thrilling and exciting. However, destinations that are already pre-photogenic not only make the job easier, but set the stage […]

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What to Know Before you Work Abroad

Do you desire to work abroad? If so, there are some pertinent details to make sure they are intact before applying and sailing away to your new lifestyle. Every country and destination has different rules and regulations as well as desired skillsets. Before you pack your bags and put in […]

Most Extreme Ziplines in the World

Most Extreme Ziplines in the World

Are you ready to plunge and soar into a whole new adventure? Ziplines have evolved to become one of the most sought after outdoor adventures. If looking for the best, longest, and wildest ziplines, look no further than these most extreme zipline adventures. Ziprider Cable. Alaska This six-person zipline plunges […]