Articles written by: Elizabeth Kovar

Elizabeth is fitness professional, workshop presenter and freelance writer. She is an active traveler who treks the globe looking for interesting stories to write and places to photograph. Her most significant travel achievements include living and volunteering in Australia twice and studied yoga in India.

World’s Most Unique Art Exhibits in 2014

World’s Most Unique Art Exhibits in 2014

No city street is complete without a decorative art piece, and museums cannot function without traveling exhibits. Every year thousands of paintings, sculptures, photographs and statues traverse the globe in search of their perfect street corner or museum wing. While some are historical, others are quirky, exuding life’s most creative [...]

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6 Tips for Affordable Cruises

Sailing the seven seas sometimes comes with a hefty price tag. In fact, some cruises can cost up to a half-year’s salary, thanks to new ships, technology and recreational activities. But not all cruises are expensive especially when incorporating budget-friendly strategies. When needing to keep your checkbook in mind, be [...]

7 of the Coldest Destinations on Earth

When the going gets cold, most people head indoors, stir up a cup of hot cocoa, light a fire and pop in a DVD. But for some destinations, cold translates to “high season” and a popular time for travelers and wintertime activities. Although the warmer season may have more sun, [...]

6 Best Castles In Germany

6 Best Castles In Germany

Germanic delights often lead to thinking about beer, pretzels, and lederhosen. Before modern day German techno clubs and graffiti walls, the Middle Ages once existed with castles that stand out amidst fertile lands. These once safe houses are now a popular tourist attraction in Deutschland. These top Germanic castles stand [...]

Best Nature Scenes to Explore on Google Street View

Best Nature Scenes to Explore on Google Street View

If asthma prevents you from summiting a mountain, or fear of drowning refrains you from scuba diving, now you can view the most impressive underwater and nature scenes from the comfort of your living room. No need to go to a gym to train your sea legs—hop online instead and [...]

Most Impressive Landmarks to Visit on Google Street View

Most Impressive Landmarks to Visit on Google Street View

Most travelers dream of exploring the road unknown and visiting the world’s most impressive, and ancient, landmarks. But reality says unless you backpack the world, or dedicate your finances to travel, travelers may not visit every bucket-list landmark. Thanks to technology and the extraordinary Google Street View, travelers can now [...]

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Most Sacred Cities for the Spiritual Traveler

Travelers of all types hit the road every year in search of something new. For those yearning for a soulful experience, rather than a vomit-filled hostel bathroom, check out the road to one of these holy lands. Spiritual pilgrimages take place in various forms and rituals, but all start with [...]

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Most Colorful Lakes in the World

When dreaming of a lake, often times murky blue to aqua-green colors are in thought. Besides the stunning turquoise color, lakes around the world are showcasing orange, red and even white colors thanks to mineral and algae deposits that alter the water’s hue. If in search for a holistic color [...]

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Europe’s Best Hot Springs

Nothing is better than being in Europe, taking a steaming hot bath in nature, while sipping a post-soak latte. Hot springs are Mother Nature’s method to infuse relaxation into tired bodies. Whether it’s a spa sanctuary or a hole in the ground, these hot springs are a popular destination amidst [...]

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Best Helicopter Tours in the US

Exploring national parks and urban fields on foot is spectacular, but to explore these sites from a helicopter is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Helicopter tours feature bird’s eye view of iconic sites and landmarks, not otherwise seen from your commercial flight. Get your camera ready as the chopper [...]