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Articles written by: Kate Walker

Who is Kate Walker? She's a freelance writer, yoga addict, and citizen of the concrete jungle. When not on the mat, Kate can be found at the dog park or on the dock in Muskoka. She is also pretty fond of running, skiing, and Settlers of Catan.


5 Great Places to Celebrate Winter

Despite its often less than stellar reputation, winter is a great time to get out there and really celebrate the joys of the season. After all, sleigh rides and hot cocoa just don’t quite give off the same level of coziness in July. From the famous Canadian winter carnival to […]


Europe’s Best Kept Beer Secrets

While these beer destinations may not be known for their high volume of exports or the number of festivals held each year, rest assured that when it comes to knowing a thing or two about suds, they’re at the top of their game. So pack your bags and get ready […]

Dining Etiquette Abroad

Dining Etiquette Abroad

One of the best parts about traveling is getting the chance to experience the local culinary specialties. Sushi in Japan, pizza in Italy, it just doesn’t get any better (or fresher) than that. Ensure that your manners are as good as your meal with our guide to dining etiquette abroad. […]


6 Volcano Destinations to Cross off Your Bucket List

With Cost Rica’s Turrialba making recent headlines, there’s no better time to cross off ‘visit a volcano’ from your bucket list. From Hawaiian behemoths to Japanese giants, get ready to heat things up with our guide to the best volcanoes to visit. Mount Pelee, Martinique In 1902, the eruption of […]

6 of the World’s Strangest Hotels

6 of the World’s Strangest Hotels

Tired of the same old turn down service? Bored with big chains? Add some excitement to your next vacation by booking a room at one of these incredibly cool and totally unique hotels. Bed down in a Beagle, fall asleep under water, or see what it’s like to snooze in […]

6 Underrated Cities Worth Visiting

6 Underrated Cities Worth Visiting

While cities like Paris, New York, and Tokyo get all of the attention, there’s something to be said about taking the road less traveled. Or in this case, visiting the city less popular. Coastal gems, historical treasures and awe-inspiring cultural hotspots are all featured in this guide to some of […]

Istanbul 101

Istanbul 101

One of the world’s largest cities by population and the cultural and financial centre of Turkey, Istanbul is one of the most exciting places to be, and for good reason. Views of the water, breathtaking architecture, incredible food—we’ve got all the reasons you should make Istanbul your next holiday destination. […]


6 Travel Destinations To Leave Your Mark

Heartfelt notes on Juliet’s balcony, padlocks hanging from Parisian bridges, notes wedged into the Western Wall. For tourists looking to leave a part of themselves as they make their way across the globe, these hotspots are a dream come true. While some cities are looking to change the rules, you […]


The Ultimate Guide To Packing Like A Pro

Traveling is awesome, there’s no doubt about it. What makes it even more awesome? Knowing how to pack like a professional globetrotter. Avoid overstuffed suitcases, wrinkled clothes, leaky bottles, and all of those other irritating but seemingly inevitable annoyances with our guide to assembling a top notch travel kit. Plan […]


7 Reasons You Should Go To Iceland

With limited daylight during the winter months and its relatively isolated location, Iceland doesn’t usually make top 10 lists when it comes to must-visit destinations. Which is a real shame, when you consider how much there is to see and do in this breathtakingly beautiful country. From where to find […]