Articles written by: Michael Restivo


Defeating Homesickness

Any traveler has had that one singular moment. Maybe it comes when they check their social media feeds, maybe it’s when they’re sick and longing for comfort, or maybe it’s when they eat something that’s close to but just not close enough for home. Homesickness is the longing feeling for [...]


6 Best Treks In Nepal

Nepal is a land of many faces, each mysterious and diverse, covering a range of unique landscapes. While the jewels of this tiny country between India and China are in the Himalayan Ranges, Nepal shares the arid environment of the Tibetan plateau, jungles and marshlands to the south, and a [...]

This is Calcio: Football Culture in Italy

This is Calcio: Football Culture in Italy

It’s 3 pm on Sunday, and across the peninsula, the streets are empty. Banners and flags hang from doorways, brightly lit in shades of blue, white, red, black, pink, purple, and yellow. Bars crowd to the brim, while everybody intensely gazes towards the television, clutching their scarves, murmuring in hushed [...]

Six Famous Bars and Cafes In Italy

Six Famous Bars and Cafes In Italy

Italian bars are more than drinking establishments. They are rooms where writers, thinkers, playwrights, and philosophers would meet. Set in the biggest piazza’s they are lofty perches from which some of the greatest minds of our time would document, observe, and debate, in some cases forming some of our most [...]

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Six Travel Photography Tips With A Smartphone

The advent of the camera-phone may have not yet completely replaced the DSLR, however a camera-phone can capture images the way a bigger camera can’t. Besides being portable, camera-phones can capture detail with simpler one-touch control over focus and aperture. The best images are the ones that are captured simply, [...]

Six Hidden Secrets of Florence, Italy

Six Hidden Secrets of Florence, Italy

Florence is a city of many secrets. Tucked away between the alleys of the Renaissance City, under the thatched red roofs are alcoves of hidden treasure, linked to this Tuscan town’s rich heritage. History is everywhere, set in the most unsuspecting places, and in the most unassuming buildings. These are [...]

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The Six Best Fire Lookout Hikes in Washington State

Washington Fire Lookouts are renown for their historical significance. These huts, manned by volunteers, serve as the first defense against forest fires. Some are still in use while others are derelict and open to visitors. The unobstructed panoramas from these fire lookouts are spectacular and worth the trek. These are [...]