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7 Beach Side Bed & Breakfasts Around the World

Whether you go for the long walks along the coast, the special amenities, or perhaps just a comfortable bed, there are a lot of romantic bed & breakfast options to choose from. And to help you book the perfect weekend for you and your special someone, here for you today […]

Unusual Activities To Do On Your Next Vacation

Unusual Activities To Do On Your Next Vacation

Bored of the same old when it comes to travel? Feel as if though you’ve seen and done it all? Consider it time to shake up your holiday itinerary with some truly atypical vacation activities. From cage diving with crocs in South Africa to enjoying dinner at a table hovering […]


6 Reasons Why I Can’t Wait to Visit Cuba

With the U.S Government relaxing visitation rules for Cuba, Americans are lining up to visit the island. While some restrictions are still in place, the arduous paperwork requirements have been lifted, making it easier to arrange travel there. The Crowds are Coming According to numbers released by the Cuban government, […]

How to Lock your Love

How to Lock your Love

How to Lock your Love Feeling butterflies in your stomach? Do your eyes light up when thinking about that one special person? Hey, seems like you’re in love! And with Valentine’s Day coming closer you might be thinking about a special way of sealing this love. We might have some […]

A Foodie’s Guide To Paris

A Foodie’s Guide To Paris

It’s no secret that in France lies the heart of gastronomy. It is, after all, home to some of the world’s most exceptional cheeses, breads, meats, and wines. While you could try to eat your way through the country (and we heartily encourage this endeavor), it’s easy to become overwhelmed […]


Weird Prague: Attractions you Have to See to Believe

  Prague is best known for its Gothic churches and its fairytale castles. Or perhaps for the riverside parks and the countryside beauty that’s just minutes away from one of the fastest growing European capitals. However, there’s a lot more to Prague than meets the eye—if you don’t mind taking […]

7 Best Bookstores In The World

7 Best Bookstores In The World

Stumbling upon a gem of a bookstore is a bibliophile’s dream come true. Stumbling upon a gem of a bookstore in a brand new city is downright euphoric. From legendary destinations to tucked away treasures, we’ve rounded up a list of some of the best book shops in the world. […]


6 Things To Do In Tokyo

Fish markets, sumo wrestling matches, hole in the wall restaurants you’d have otherwise missed… Tokyo is a treasure trove of amazing things to do but it’s hard to know where to start. From must-see tourist spots to tucked away gems, we’ve got the whole spectrum covered with this guide to […]

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Chompin’ at the Bit for the Chinese New Year

One of Oahu’s largest and liveliest celebrations of the year, Chinatown’s Chinese New Year festivities are ones for the books. Each annual celebration typically includes the crowning of a Narcissus Queen, a lion dance procession with firecrackers, a parade, and a two day street festival. Aligning itself with the beginning […]


South Africa’s Wine Country: An Old Tradition

Sprawled throughout South Africa’s Western and Northern Cape, you’ll find some of the world’s most fantastic wine growing regions in the world. Incredible views, vineyards rich with history, lovely people, and above all, delicious wines entice wine-enthusiasts to make regular pilgrimages to the area. After learning more about the world […]