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4 Brilliant Natural Wonders in Central America

4 Brilliant Natural Wonders in Central America

Some people head to Central America for the beaches and warm weather. Others arrive to visit the colonial towns and soak in the history. But lesser known are Central America’s natural wonders. Between the rough coastline, odd geological formations, and a string of volcanoes from north to south, you’ll find […]

Embrace the Force: 6 Filming Locations for Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Embrace the Force: 6 Filming Locations for Star Wars: The Force Awakens

It’s not hard to see why Star Wars is such a beloved staple of movie cinema. Epic light saber battles, spaceship shootouts, distinctive costumes, strange alien species, and one family’s never ending soap opera come together to form one of the greatest stories of all time. All of this is […]


8 Best European Cities to Spend New Year’s Eve

If a boisterous New Year’s party is on your checklist for this year, check out one of these eight best European cities to ring in the New Year. Prague, Czech Republic Prague is known for its culture, architecture and history. On New Year’s Eve, Prague transforms into a massive street party where […]

Sarajevo: A Beautiful, Recovered War-Torn Town

Sarajevo: A Beautiful, Recovered War-Torn Town

A funny thing happened to us on the way to our vacation in Croatia; we accidentally traveled to Bosnia. I don’t mean to say that we boarded the wrong plane or that there was a mixup at the border. We were flying on miles and there was no availability for […]


Explore Bangkok In A Day

Bangkok is an incredible city that evokes different reactions from everyone who visits; some people love this bustling city that never sleeps, while others see it as a dirty cesspool of endless streets and strange smells. It’s kind of both, to be honest. One day is much too short to […]

Lux Hostels for Thanksgiving Holiday Travelers

Lux Hostels for Thanksgiving Holiday Travelers

Thanksgiving isn’t just about sharing a turkey dinner with family and friends, or even being home for this all-American holiday. It’s also a great time to travel with grateful companion. Besides finding cheaper oversea flights during the Thanksgiving travel window, it’s a perfect excuse to celebrate your family’s ancestry in […]


7 Places to Dive with Sea Turtles

Do you dream of scuba diving with sea turtles? If so, these seven dive destinations are home to one of the ocean’s oldest sea creatures, the turtle. Explore reefs and the sea turtle’s home at these top turtle-friendly destinations below. Great Barrier Reef, Australia The Great Barrier Reef is one […]

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Lourdes: A Town of Immaculate Conception

The town of Lourdes doesn’t often get much notice outside of Christian religious circles, but it’s certainly worth a visit for those who don’t find themselves so spiritually inclined. This little town nestled at the foot of the Pyrenees Mountains in southwestern France boasts some of the country’s most beautiful […]

The Colosseum in Rome, Italy

Visit Rome In A Day

The Eternal City is home to more wonders and activities than one could possibly ever fit into a day, but it is possible to take in the most popular sites within a 24-hour period. The ColosseumBegin your day hopping down to the Colosseum, where the lines move quickly and you’ll […]


European Posh Hostels: Luxury Stays in Autumn

The most enjoyable aspects of fall travel isn’t just fewer crowds or lower prices, it’s also the beauty of the autumn season. What makes fall in Europe unique is the color of the leaves. You’ll see a varying range of yellow and rust hues, but little of the intense reds you’ll […]