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10 Webcams That Can Inspire Your Next Adventure

10 Webcams That Can Inspire Your Next Adventure

For those moments in life were you simply cannot step outside, whether you are behind a desk or waiting in line at the bank, nature webcams can provide you a portal to the outside world. And while they may not be as good as taking a hike and breathing in […]


A Week in Greece During the Financial Crisis

It’s mid-afternoon and I just woke up from a 90-minute nap underneath a cabana. I gazed at the ocean, contemplating the goodness of Grecian life. I opened my social media accounts from my phone and noticed comments on my pictures “to get out of Greece as soon as possible.” I […]


Florence, Italy: 7 Reasons Why You Will Definitely Return

Located in the Tuscany region of Italy, Florence is one of the main, must-do stops on any tour of Italy. Florence is the home of the Renaissance; need I say more? Okay, Leonardo de Vinci, Michelangelo and Dante all called this home and could not stay away. Here are just […]


How Germans Celebrate Father’s Day

Father’s Day, or Vater’s Tag, in Northern Germany is an outrageous spectacle consisting of “bier,” brats, and manhood. The origins of this day are based on the public holiday Christi Himmelfahrt (Ascension Day), which marks Jesus’s ascension to the heavens. It is the 39th day after Easter Sunday and falls on […]

6 Must See Sites in Myanmar

6 Must See Sites in Myanmar

Take in the smells of spicy foods cooking along the streets, men smoking cigarettes through giant homemade water pipes, and children and street dogs trotting alongside traffic on roads stained burgundy with splashes of betel nut spit. In a land where Buddhism reigns, the glittering tips of pagodas and temples […]

Father’s Day: A Quick History

Father’s Day: A Quick History

Father’s Day was established in the U.S. in the early 20th century but is now a worldwide event. Here is how some other parts of the world celebrate Dads. A Shaky Start The first observance of our day had a shaky start on July 5, 1908 in Fairmont, West Virginia. […]

Bushwhacking in Alaska’s Glacier Bay National Park

Bushwhacking in Alaska’s Glacier Bay National Park

The idea of a bushwhack is to get off the trail and blaze a new trail. This is easy to do in many parts of Alaska as there are no trails in the first place. Our guide told us that only 5-7% of the visitors to Glacier Bay National Park […]

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6 Funky Cruises

If you want to go on a cruise, you might prefer to find one that caters to your tastes or desires. There is a cruise out there for everyone—and we do mean everyone. Science Guys Next year you can hop a 14-day Total Solar Eclipse Cruise trip to Indonesia aboard […]


6 Savory Vietnamese Dishes for Every Traveling Foodie

Vietnam is a mecca for foodies; a Southeast Asia gem with a rich cuisine that accompanies a culture just as rich in history, beauty, and tradition. If you and your palate are gearing up to take this scrumptious, exotic smorgasbord head on, there are a handful of delectable dishes you […]


Marriage Symbols Across the Globe

Meeting locals, and the opposite sex, is part of one’s journey overseas. Before leaving home, get acquainted with the culture’s wedding traditions, customs and symbols. These are some weird, strange, yet traditional symbols of marriage across the globe. Good Ol’ English Cultures To Americans, rings are worn on the left […]