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The 7 Best Safari Destinations in Africa

An African safari is one of the best adventure travel experiences imaginable, offering travelers the chance to spot some of the most amazing wildlife on the planet in its natural habitat. There are few things more thrilling than watching a pride of lions on the hunt, or a herd of […]


Lend a Helping Hand Through Voluntourism

Travel opens us up to experiencing an exciting world of different cultures and places, but as some traveler’s know those places aren’t always flourishing. Many third-world countries could use a little help here and there, so why not volunteer during your travels to help make the world a better place? […]

6 Best Restaurants With A View

6 Best Restaurants With A View

If you’re looking for a dining experience to remember next time you’re on holiday, search no further than our roundup of the best restaurants with a view. Great food is a given but where these spots truly shine is in where they’re located. Overlooking entire cities, set into cliffs beside […]

6 Places To Visit in South America On A Budget

6 Places To Visit in South America On A Budget

If you’re looking for an escape but find yourself unable to afford the luxuries of places like Rio de Janiero, maybe it’s time to step off the beaten path a little. Here are some South American vacation spots that you can enjoy on a budget that will still give you […]

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The Gastronome’s Guide To Florence

What do you think about when you think about Florence? Red terracotta roofs spread across the Renaissance city, under the rolling green Tuscan hills. The Ponte Vecchio gracefully arched across the Arno, gleaming with the artisan jewelry of their expert craftsmen. Michelangelo’s David, forever immortalized in his triumphant pose; Botticelli’s […]

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Spain’s Must-Eat Guide for Foodies

Most historians know Spain’s traditional nickname, “Land of the setting sun.” However, foodies know Spain as the “Land of Tapas and Sangria.” Sun, food and street side cafes go hand-in-mouth when exploring cities and beach towns. Foodies experience an array of native food and beverages, which stimulates taste buds to […]

5 Top St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations Worldwide

5 Top St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations Worldwide

For such a little island, Ireland has truly had a big impact on the world. With an estimated diaspora of ten million emigrants and their almost eighty-million descendants, an average of 1 in 88 people on Earth can claim to have Irish blood in them. More than just an excuse […]

8 Irish Castles You Need to Explore

8 Irish Castles You Need to Explore

With St. Patrick’s Day just around the corner we thought it time to pay tribute to one of the luckiest lands on Earth—Ireland. There are numerous things to do in the land of the leprechauns, but to get a true sense of the storied history we recommend a castle tour […]

Europe’s 7 Most Unique and Strange Museums

Europe’s 7 Most Unique and Strange Museums

If the Louvre and the British Museum seem like your everyday European museum, why not try something different? From currywurst to contraception, get off the beaten path at these unique, strange and outright bizarre museums found in Europe. The Phallology Museum – Reykjavik, Iceland With the pure interest in science, […]

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7 Beach Side Bed & Breakfasts Around the World

Whether you go for the long walks along the coast, the special amenities, or perhaps just a comfortable bed, there are a lot of romantic bed & breakfast options to choose from. And to help you book the perfect weekend for you and your special someone, here for you today […]