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Pacsafe Turtle Fund in Action!

Pacsafe Turtle Fund in Action!

So far Pacsafe’s sponsored project LAST has been able to save 50 Leatherback nests from poachers and are nurturing 21 Green Turtle nests in the hatchery. The icing on the cake has been an unprecedented amount of rare Hawksbill turtle nests on Pacuare Beach this season, totalling 12! In between fending […]

What Happens in the Fontana de Trevi Stays in the Fontana de Trevi?

What Happens in the Fontana de Trevi Stays in the Fontana de Trevi?

Most people just toss a coin in and make a wish…I guess somehow this guy didn’t get that memo.  Let this be a warning to all the clumsy people out there, be careful where you slip or you may end up getting scolded and showing everyone on the Internet the […]

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6 Tips for Keeping a Personal Travel Blog

If you’re about to embark on the trip of a lifetime, maybe the idea of a travel blog has popped into your mind—especially if you’ve come across a few in your own research. A travel blog can be a great idea: it’s like sending a post card to everyone you […]

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5 Vacations that Went Wrong but Ended Up Even Better

Throughout my collegiate years I had the opportunity to live abroad three times. Twice in Australia and once in India, with my fourth move abroad coming up shortly to Germany. Although the thrill of traveling excites every globe-trekker, most forget the reality of the dark side of tourism. Getting sick, […]

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6 Tech Items That Are Changing the Way We Travel

Technology has had an undeniable impact on how we travel, and in recent years gadgets such as smartphones, tablets, and digital cameras have all added convenience and comfort while on the road. But those devices are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of technology items that are poised […]

How to Turn Your SUV into a Road-trip King

How to Turn Your SUV into a Road-trip King

After traveling around in New Zealand in an adapted surfer van, I realized I could make some adaptions to my “plain Jane” SUV and save some serious coin. The most expensive aspects of travel are housing, food, and gas in that order. The following adaptations will make your wheels more […]

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Is It Worth Traveling First Class?

The early boarding in the VIP line. The clinking sounds of real stemware and silverware. And what, exactly, goes on behind that mystical curtain separating first class from the rest of us? Some people insist that first class is the way to go, and is absolutely worth every extra penny […]

8 Must-See Stops on the Trans-Canada Highway

8 Must-See Stops on the Trans-Canada Highway

Whether you’re embarking on the road trip of a lifetime or just felt like taking the long way, driving the 4,990 mile long Trans-Canada Highway a wonderful way to make lasting memories. As amazing as it is to watch an entire country flash by through your car’s windows, sometimes you […]

Anti-theft Technology

Anti-theft Technology

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6 Destinations for Coffee Lovers

You’ve heard of wine, beer, and even chocolate tours, but how about something for the java fans out there? There’s just something about a fresh cup of coffee that rouses the deepest sleepers, perks up ardent morning-loathers, and brings friends together like nothing else. Whether you’re a cultivated connoisseur or […]