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Celebrating Carnival: 6 of the Best Carnival Parties in the World

Though its history is based in Christian, and mainly Catholic overtones, Carnival today is known for parades, parties and beads. Practically the whole world celebrates Carnival in one form or another and here are just a few of the best. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – February 13-17 This is the grand-daddy [...]


10 Tips for Taking Better Point-and-Shoot Pictures

In some situations, large digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) cameras are just too bulky to be practical. Digital point-and-shoot cameras are small, affordable alternatives, and many have added durability features including being waterproof to 10 feet. Before you ditch your DSLR in favor of your high-resolution cell phone camera, consider that smartphones are [...]

8 Essentials to Carry in Your Travel Handbag

8 Essentials to Carry in Your Travel Handbag

You know what to pack in your luggage. You know what to pack in your carry-on. Now, it’s time to decide what to pack in your travel handbag—you know, the carry-all that you take with you when you step out of your hotel or when you’re off on a day [...]

Craft Beer Movement Reaches Ecuador

Craft Beer Movement Reaches Ecuador

Craft and homebrew beer has grown exponentially over the last few years. Ecuador is usually considered 10-20 years behind the US in regards to fads, technology, and trends, but beer is a different story. Ecuadorian residents don’t want to wait for quality beer. They have stepped it up in the [...]

Sucre, Bolivia: Possibly The Most Charming City in the World

If you’re looking for a city loaded with charm and an endless variety of activities for your next getaway, look no further than Sucre, Bolivia. It might just be the most charming city in the world. The Buildings Are Absolutely Beautiful There’s a reason they call this the White City. [...]

6 Creative Travel Journal Ideas

6 Creative Travel Journal Ideas

You want to record the trip of a lifetime but feel uninspired by the blank pages in your travel journal—is it possible to reconcile the two? From exploring various types of media to incorporating unexpected elements, we think that not only is it possible to bring the classic journaling experience [...]

Survive Holiday Travel With These Must-Have Gadgets

Survive Holiday Travel With These Must-Have Gadgets

For many of us, traveling around the holidays brings out our inner Grinch. Weather delays, insane line-ups, flights packed the brim… bah, humbug. But in order to spend time with your loved ones around the holiday season—or to flee it all for a tropic beach somewhere far away—travel this time [...]


Shopping in Cancun: Coral Negro Flea Market

In Cancun, located in the hotel zone right on Kukulcan Blvd. near all the big nightclubs, this market is where you can get all those souvenirs you’ve been wanting to bring back home. Easy Access If you’re staying along the hotel zone shopping is just an easy bus ride away. [...]


Keeping a Packing Journal

Trying to figure out what to pack? Whether you’re traveling for a week or a weekend these tips for keeping a packing journal will keep you organized and comfortable. There are three kinds of packers: Those who throw things in a bag at the last minute, those who scrawl lists on [...]


Transportation from Airport to Hotel: Public or Private

It doesn’t matter if you land in a major metropolitan area, with trains, buses and cabs, or in a foreign land with rickshaws and bicycles, you need to get to your hotel and you don’t care to mess around. The Train Some cities have had the foresight to build trains [...]