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5 Reasons You’ll Regret Not Visiting India

5 Reasons You’ll Regret Not Visiting India

Imagine waking up to a gorgeous view of the sun rising over the Taj Mahal right outside your hotel window. Or perhaps you’d prefer walking on the frozen surface of the still running Zanskar river, where temperatures can go as low as –30 degrees Celsius. You may even be looking for a place to […]

The Ultimate Travel Safety Checklist

The Ultimate Travel Safety Checklist

  Packed your bags and ready to get on the plane? Going travelling is always exciting, but it doesn’t come without certain risks. Travelling should never be accompanied by a fear the unknown, so before you embark on your next adventure, check out these simple things you can do to […]

How to Pack for the Ultimate Road Trip

How to Pack for the Ultimate Road Trip

Windows rolled down, music playing, an open road and endless possibilities ahead of you—the draws road trip are undeniable. When such an adventure is still just an idea, however, it is easy to forget the less glamorous aspects: the emergency rest stops between Nowhereville and Nothingtown; the pile of empty […]


8 Reasons to Start Traveling In Your 30s

Our 30s are often thought to be the slowing down years. The time when we leave behind our youthful exuberance and propensity to take risks, and start focusing more on settling down and starting a family. For those who weren’t fortunate enough to start exploring overseas in their 20s, the […]


New Airline Seat Law: Bigger Seats Might Be Coming Your Way

If you’re tired of having to squeeze into tiny seats every time you fly, pay attention. There’s at least a chance this is going to change in the near future. At least if Congressman Steve Cohen has a say in it. Cohen, who’s a member of the House Transportation and […]


7 Travel Safety Tips for You and Your Squad

Best news ever! You and your squad are about to embark on the trip of a lifetime. Your mind is racing with which restaurant to check out on the first night of your trip and whether you’re overdoing it by packing six swimsuits (note: you’re not). While you’re daydreaming of adventures and […]

Tokyo Travel Tips: 6 Places You Need to See

Tokyo Travel Tips: 6 Places You Need to See

Tokyo is a fascinating city beloved by millions of tourists from around the world. One trip here and you’ll understand why so many people can’t get enough. The sounds, sights and atmosphere are uniquely Japanese, but to get a real feel of the place you have to come prepared. Here […]

closeup of injection vaccine

Shots You Need and Some You Don’t When Traveling Overseas

If you are traveling overseas, there are some shots you may need and some you don’t. With mosquitos carrying everything from Yellow Fever to Malaria, the smart thing is to be prepared. You can overdo it though, so here are a few tips that will hopefully help you out. Do […]


Are We Born to Travel?

Do you ever get the urge to just take off? If you’re one of those people who’s always “itching” to go somewhere, your genes might be to blame. Seriously. What Scientists Discovered Back in 1999, while doing research about something completely unrelated, a group of scientists from UC Irvine discovered that […]


6 Ways to Prevent In-Flight Theft

In 2014, officials estimate that more than $300,000 (USD) worth of items were stolen on inbound flights to Hong Kong in 48 separate incidents.. That’s not at airport lounges, airport gates, or luggage carousels—that’s on the actual airplane itself. It’s easy for even the savviest of travelers to feel lulled […]