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Smart Travel Tips

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7 Tips for Overcoming Flying Anxiety

You’ve heard it a million times: flying is safer than driving—it’s the safest mode of transportation. But still, the sounds of the airplane taking off or the unsettling feeling of turbulence are enough to make you feel painfully panicked. You love the idea of traveling, but the thought of the […]

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6 Tips for Affordable Cruises

Sailing the seven seas sometimes comes with a hefty price tag. In fact, some cruises can cost up to a half-year’s salary, thanks to new ships, technology and recreational activities. But not all cruises are expensive especially when incorporating budget-friendly strategies. When needing to keep your checkbook in mind, be […]

Travel Tips From Photographer and Pacsafe Ambassador Ben Hicks

Travel Tips From Photographer and Pacsafe Ambassador Ben Hicks

I prefer to travel as light as possible. Being a photographer, this is an oxymoron! With a little planning and preparation along with a lot of trial and error I have a couple tips on lightning your bags. Research You can never research enough your destination! Knowing what you need […]

6 Signs That It’s Time for a Career Break (and go travel)

6 Signs That It’s Time for a Career Break (and go travel)

Taking a career break to travel can be super scary, and while toying with the idea, some might call you crazy or say to do so would be detrimental to your financial future- but is it really? And you must ask yourself- what got you to the point of considering […]

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8 Tips for Taking Your Kids to the Museum

Adults go to museums to learn about culture and history. They go to appreciate art, observe artifacts, and understand people and events in a totally new way. It just so happens that kids love to do these things, too—perhaps even more so than adults. Many adults are hesitant about taking […]

Make Plans to Pitch a Tent This Summer

Make Plans to Pitch a Tent This Summer

We’ll be the first to admit that, when traveling, it can be nice to receive the red carpet treatment at a five star hotel. But every so often, it’s necessarily to leave the comforts of a hotel and experience nature, up close and in person. After all, who wouldn’t want […]

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Delays, Breakdowns, and Meltdowns: How to Handle Yourself When Your Flight is Cancelled

Maybe I’m not the best to write this, but the last time we had a delay, breakdown, and meltdown (yes, I had a meltdown), we did get a night at a resort with dinner, breakfast, and a flight out the next day. Delays Delays are inevitable if you travel often […]

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How to Get Your Money’s Worth at an All-Inclusive Resort

If you spend a week at an all-inclusive resort and don’t gain at least 6 pounds and 1 or 2 waist sizes, you’re not doing it right. What is All-inclusive? Started by the Club Med chains, all-inclusive resorts have become more and more popular with the vacation crowd and are […]

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6 Tips for Family Travel on a Budget

Traveling with a family can be a lot of things. It can be a great way to introduce your kids to new sights, sounds, and cultures. It can be overwhelming to manage, yet exhilarating to execute. It can also be very, very expensive. Exploring the wonders of the world with […]

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Road Tripping Tips on a Budget

The ultimate road trip can be stressful when you’re on a budget, but nothing beats an extended weekend mission with your best friends. There are a few easy tricks of the trade that will make for epic road trips without draining your wallet. Camp Out Toss your tent in the […]