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Smart Travel Tips


How I Plan to be More Spontaneous

Planning to be more spontaneous may seem oxymoronic but I’ve been called worse. Heck, take away the “Oxy” part and that’s a name I’m more used to hearing. Anyway, The Wife says I’m too uptight with our vacation planning so, in the vein of loosening up a bit, here are […]

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Horror Travel Stories: This is What Adventures Are Made Of

In the past 20 years, I’ve lived in six different countries. I’ve done a lot of sleeping on airports, a lot of riding on trains that are slower than walking, a lot of visiting places where everything goes wrong the minute you get there. Like the time I got stuck […]


Common Tourist Scams Around the World

From faulty taxi meters to closed attractions that really aren’t closed to group photo offers, travel scams exist all over the world. Some are more common than others but all can trick the savviest of travelers if you let your guard down. Shady Taxi Drivers There are a number of […]

6 Reasons Why Travel Makes You a Happier Person

6 Reasons Why Travel Makes You a Happier Person

If you have some vacation time coming up, consider traveling to a new place. Of course, it’s good to use at least some of that time to just relax and de-stress. Still, traveling can give you experiences that foster your happiness and personal growth in the long run. When you […]

Bostwana Travel Tips

Bostwana Travel Tips

Bostwana is well-known for its game reserves and luxury safaris. More affordable than other African destinations (including Tanzania and Kenya), Bostwana also has additional things to offer: diamond-rich deserts, rides on mokoro (traditional canoes), hot air balloon experiences and interactions with bushman tribes. Organizing a trip to Bostwana might take […]

7 Best Beers in Thailand

7 Best Beers in Thailand

If there’s one thing backpackers love above all else, it’s cheap beer. Thailand has it in spades, though it might not always taste as wonderful as the wide array of choices here in the States. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t test the waters, though. Here are some of the best and […]


7 Tips for Traveling to Cuba

Cuba has been out of reach to American tourists for decades. While things are beginning to change, making it to the tiny island is still complicated, and things don’t necessarily get much easier once you finally make it there. With a bit of preparation and the right attitude, however, you […]

How to Determine Your Travel Plans for 2016

How to Determine Your Travel Plans for 2016

A new year, a new blank page in your travel journal. Oh the places you’ll go…but wait, where? And when? And how long? There are sooooo many choices to make. If you’re anything like me choosing your next destination to travel to can be a hard task. But I’m here […]

5 Uncomfortable Truths About Traveling

5 Uncomfortable Truths About Traveling

We all love to hop on a plane or in a car and set out on a new adventure. But there can be some not-so-fun realities to being filled with wanderlust—even more so than the empty pockets and jetlag. You’ll be heartbroken more than once. You’ll have to leave places, […]


7 New Year’s Travel Resolutions

Hardly anyone keeps the resolutions they make every year. That’s why this year I resolve to work out less, gain at least 5 pounds. and take more nap; but that’s just me. Here are a few travel resolutions that may be a tad bit harder to keep, but will save […]