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This is the Future of Travel

Lonely Planet knows a thing or two about traveling. The travel guide company might not have access to a crystal ball, but they’ve used their insider knowledge to predict some major trends for the future of travel. A lot has changed since the first commercial flight took place a hundred years […]


The Ultimate Fall Travel Wardrobe

Autumn is a tricky season for travel. The occasional scorching day coupled with frigid nights and just about every other type of temperature in between can wreak havoc on even the most carefully curated clothing collection. There is an art to packing for fall travel and thanks to this helpful […]


6 Women’s Tips for Comfortably Flying in Style

The next time you’re at the airport, take a look around. You’ll probably see a few business people in suits—and a lot of people donning their not-so-finest pair of sweatpants or—gasp—pajamas! We’ve come a long way since the early days of commercial flying, when people would actually dress up for […]


10 Tips to Help Make Train Travel Memorable, Fun and Safe

One of those most vivid and unforgettable memories of my life involved a ride I endured over three days on a clumsy ancient diesel-powered train from Marrakesh to Tangier by way of Fez, Morocco. At times, my experience mimicked scenes straight out The Sheltering Sky, a novel of post-colonial alienation […]


Defeating Homesickness

Any traveler has had that one singular moment. Maybe it comes when they check their social media feeds, maybe it’s when they’re sick and longing for comfort, or maybe it’s when they eat something that’s close to but just not close enough for home. Homesickness is the longing feeling for […]


Halloween in Countries Around the World

Halloween has many cultural roots tied into the traditions we see today, from Celtic-inspired celebrations to Americanized aesthetics, Halloween in modern times represents many different things to different sets of people. Whether it is a day to dress up, eat candy, or celebrate the loss of loved ones, where you […]

Trip Tips for Spain from Ben Hicks

Trip Tips for Spain from Ben Hicks

Don’t exchange all your money at once. When you do, keep some in a few different places, in case something gets stolen. Even in airplane mode with cell service off but Wifi on your iPhone can be a digital map to guide you through the day. Use Google maps and […]

Why The Ebola Outbreak Shouldn’t Keep You From Traveling in Africa

Why The Ebola Outbreak Shouldn’t Keep You From Traveling in Africa

Without a doubt, one of the biggest news stories of the year thus far has been the outbreak of Ebola in West Africa. The virus has spread across Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Liberia, with a few cases being reported in Senegal and Nigeria too. To date, more than 7200 people […]

This is Calcio: Football Culture in Italy

This is Calcio: Football Culture in Italy

It’s 3 pm on Sunday, and across the peninsula, the streets are empty. Banners and flags hang from doorways, brightly lit in shades of blue, white, red, black, pink, purple, and yellow. Bars crowd to the brim, while everybody intensely gazes towards the television, clutching their scarves, murmuring in hushed […]

I Have to Pay for What? – A Guide to Airline Fees

I Have to Pay for What? – A Guide to Airline Fees

Air travel has sure changed. Unless you’re flying first class, not only do you not get to pick between the chicken or the beef dinner, you don’t get either anymore. Here’s some info on what else we’re paying for if we get it at all these days. Oh, and unlike […]