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How to Carry On for a Cruise

If you’ve ever packed for a cruise vacation you know the luggage pile can get out of control fast. Cruise vacations involve formal nights, on-board restaurants of varying casualness, poolside afternoons, and active excursions. Sure, you can take a giant suitcase or two, but it’s an enormous risk for cruising. […]

6 Great Jobs for Travel Lovers

6 Great Jobs for Travel Lovers

Ever dreamed of earning a living traveling the world? Fancy exploring every corner of this magnificent planet of ours, all while putting in a solid day’s work? Whether you have a passion for music, would love to guide tours, or are considering consulting,  we’ve covered the spectrum of jobs guaranteed […]

8 Tips for Traveling While Pregnant

8 Tips for Traveling While Pregnant

As most women who are currently, or have been, with child will likely tell you, being pregnant doesn’t have to mean putting your life on hold. Whether you’re heading out on a dream babymoon or embarking on the road trip of a lifetime, it can totally be done, provided you’re […]

5 Little-Known Secrets that Will Make Traveling Headache-Free in 2015

5 Little-Known Secrets that Will Make Traveling Headache-Free in 2015

What keeps you from hitting the road and using up all of your vacation days? What makes you groan when figuring out what to pack, how to get a good deal on a plane ticket, and how to keep your belongings safe? Traveling can seem stressful and expensive, but it […]

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8 Tips for the Solo Female Traveler in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka—the pearl of the Indian Ocean. Following a long civil war, this tiny island nation is beginning to get notice in the backpacking world, and rightly so. It’s a travellers treasure trove, filled with rich history, exploding with untouched wilderness and as for meals and accommodation—the locals are friendly […]

6 Ways to Eat Like a Local

Cracking into the local food scene is a goal that every traveler should aspire to. There’s arguably no better way to experience the local culture than trying their signature recipes, sampling exotic ingredients (or, just as exciting, ingredients that you’re used to that are prepared in a totally different way), […]

6 of the World’s Worst Countries for Driving

6 of the World’s Worst Countries for Driving

What do Nigeria, South Korea, India, and Libya  have in common? They’re ranked as some of  the countries best known for the most dangerous driving. From road jams that make your daily commute seem like a dream, to sobering mortality rates; these are spots that might be known for a […]


Getting Through Customs Without a Hassle

You’ve been on a plane for hours and just want to get to your destination. The last thing you want to deal with is a search of your luggage at customs. Even if you’re not carrying any contraband or undeclared items, which none of us would ever do, you just […]


9 Tips for Staying Safe While Trekking in Nepal

In October, a powerful, out-of-season, blizzard hit the Annapurna Region of Nepal, claiming the lives of more than 40 trekkers in the process. In the wake of that tragedy, the Ministry of Tourism for the Himalayan country has promised to review its regulations governing trekking in the region, and vowed […]


Emergency Medical Treatment in Foreign Lands

Hey, accidents happen: with me, more likely than not. Whether it’s a fall in the shower or an unexpected illness, if you need medical attention it can get to be a sticky situation in some countries. Stuff Happens Yes, stuff happens. I admit, I have slipped in the shower in […]