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Smart Travel Tips

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6 Best Places Your US Dollar Will Go Further

Any time is a good time to travel, but simple economics tells us to go when and where the dollar is strong. Exchange rates are working in our favor in many regions of the world right now, making this a great time to stretch your wings and head out. Mexico: […]

German Travel Words to Add to Your Dictionary

German Travel Words to Add to Your Dictionary

Oh, I know, a lot of people make fun of the German language. They say it sounds harsh, rough and well, brutal. Yes, sometimes German has a hard and, well, honest way to say things. Like the German word for airplane: “Flugzeug”, which actually can be translated into“flying thing“. Or“Fahrzeug“ […]


What To Do When You Lose Your US Passport While Overseas

Travelers spend a lot of time and money securing their passports, then even more money coming up with ways to keep them safe while traveling. We buy passport protectors, safes and we look for ways to hide them from potential thieves. Unfortunately, no method is full proof and occasionally your […]


Drink the World: International Beer Day is August 7th

As if you needed an excuse to drink all of your favorite beers in one day! International Beer Day is August 7th and, incase you find yourself torn between what beer from which countries should be downed, this comprehensive round-up should help you out considerably. Cheers! Prost! Salud! Stay thirsty, […]


7 Safety Tips for Men Who Travel Alone

Traveling solo is an exciting experience, but it comes without the added protection of safety in numbers you might be used to having. While men might not face the same perils in solo traveling around the world as women, there’s still risk involved. Follow these tips to keep yourself, and […]


Are You a Good Travel Buddy?

Not everyone is suited for travel. What is tougher is finding two people who can travel well together. What makes a good travel buddy? Here are a few things to look for. Where Are We Going Some folks like the beach, others the mountains. I have had several friends ask […]

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How to Deal with Culture Shock after Traveling

Travel is medicine. It is indeed a high unlike any in the world. A single dose will spread throughout, detoxing your body and soul, making you dream, desire, appreciate and simply smile more. But, there’s always an end to every high. There’s the end of an incredible journey, the long […]

How to Take Better Travel Photographs: 7 Easy Tips

How to Take Better Travel Photographs: 7 Easy Tips

The perfect set of photos from the trip of a lifetime is the best souvenir. Sure, it can be a bit of a pain lugging around more than just a smart phone for photos, and planning around the perfect times to shoot does require some flexibility, but photos are one […]

Safety Tips for Traveling in Cities

Safety Tips for Traveling in Cities

Whether you’re touching down in Bangkok or Barcelona, Sydney or San Francisco, chances are you’ll be spending time in a major city for at least part of your trip. With their vibrance and culture, cities are incredibly fun for independent travel, but they also come with their own concerns. Here […]

6 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Traveling

6 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Traveling

Sometimes failing at something is the best way of learning. And sometimes it helps to know that other people have made the same mistakes and that other people feel the same way about things. These are the six things I would love to tell my younger self before she’d set […]