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Smart Travel Tips

The 10 Most Dangerous Destinations on Earth

The 10 Most Dangerous Destinations on Earth

Adventurous travelers pride themselves on visiting destinations that are often the beaten path. Places so remote and challenge that few others travelers are willing to venture there. They spend their vacation time wandering the Mongol Steppe, backpacking deep into the Himalaya, or exploring Chile’s Atacama Desert for instance. They love places […]

How to Keep Your Belongings Safe So You Can Breathe Easy on Vacation

How to Keep Your Belongings Safe So You Can Breathe Easy on Vacation

Safety is top of nearly everyone’s mind when traveling. Nobody wants to be robbed, feel unsafe, or worry about his/her belongings. While we’d all love to travel only to places that are safe and free of crime, that’s often not possible. For many of us, even traveling within our home […]


Why May Is the Best Time To Travel

We all love to travel, and anytime you can get away is good. There are certain times that are better than others, though—and May seems to be the best. Winter Crowds The tropics are popular in the winter because the weather is mild down there. The folks who live in […]


Driving a Rental Car on Vacation

Driving a rental car is usually an adventure; even more so when on vacation. Not only are you driving a strange vehicle, but you’re probably driving in unfamiliar territory as well. Change is Good, Sometimes Every time I’ve rented a car it’s been different; I’ve never had the same model […]

6 Dream Jobs for Travelers

6 Dream Jobs for Travelers

Imagine having a job that paid you to travel. It’s not just a fantasy—there really are jobs out there that allow you to travel for a living. We’ve got 6 jobs that any globetrotter would be lucky to have. Take a look at this list—then start grooming your resume.


The Ultimate Guide To Packing Like A Pro

Traveling is awesome, there’s no doubt about it. What makes it even more awesome? Knowing how to pack like a professional globetrotter. Avoid overstuffed suitcases, wrinkled clothes, leaky bottles, and all of those other irritating but seemingly inevitable annoyances with our guide to assembling a top notch travel kit. Plan […]

Europe’s Most Affordable and Most Expensive Cities

Europe’s Most Affordable and Most Expensive Cities

A common misconception is that Europe is an expensive continent to travel. Many top European destinations cost a pretty penny, but Europe also provides some of the most affordable cities in the world. The “Europe Backpacker Index for 2015” showcases the top 56 cities according to affordability. The index is […]

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Travel Souvenirs

Some people collect snow globes, some folks bring back refrigerator magnets and some collect “Do not disturb,” signs. Wait, am I the only one who collects “Do not disturb” signs? We All Collect Something When we travel we like to bring home more than just good memories. We want something […]


7 Do’s and Don’ts of Car Rentals in Europe

If you think domestic car rentals have gotten complicated, wait until you rent one for overseas travel. It can be downright bewildering. It’s definitely gotten a lot more difficult to simply search online for a good deal, book it, pick it up and then drop it off. There’s a lot that can wrong at […]


8 Tips for Sleeping at the Airport

Nobody likes sleeping at the airport—but sometimes, it’s inevitable. Long layovers, unexpected delays, or—the worst—surprise flight cancellations where your rescheduled flight isn’t until the next day. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Catching some sleep at the airport can make all the difference in your travels—it’s the difference between arriving […]