Meet the Eds

Yoon Kim, Editor in Chief
Yoon’s writing has gotten him into some sticky situations—like climbing right into a snake, breaking two snowboards in the same day (by hucking cliffs) and nearly running a mountain bike into a bear. Sometimes he wishes he had a real job like normal people. But yeah…that’ll never happen. His writing has appeared on, the Outdoor Retailer Daily, and SNEWS.
Josh Aldridge, Managing Editor
Josh Aldridge is a journalist, photographer, and filmmaker whose work always seems to result in muddy boots and broken skin. Covering a wide range of outdoor activities, his images and writing alike are essentially an adrenaline junkie’s love letters to mother nature, depicting the interplay between earth’s wildest places and the people bold enough to venture out into them.
Thomas Mulcahy, Executive Editor
Thomas is a geek, designer, and craftsman, with a knack for using his hands to make architecturally-sound Lego castles and wooden furniture. He also loves history and weaponry, which makes perfect sense why he’s at home at a renaissance fair. When anyone in the office has a question about anything ranging from hunting to electronics, Thomas is the go to man.
Noah Baslé, Digital Editor
Noah is a graphic designer, illustrator, and videographer extraordinaire. When this Frenchman isn’t gazing into the pixels of his computer, he is either playing with his dog or planning trips to and from his European homeland. His hobbies include a religious commitment to TV shows and anything musical.
Jon Skinner, Copy Editor
Thomas Hall, Managing Director
Thomas not only adventures in the outdoors, he also enjoys a different kind of adventure, and it involves the terrifying world of internet coding. If you have anything that needs to be coded, Thomas is your man. When he is outside the office, he also enjoys fishing and experimenting with creative ways to make gourmet coffee.
Josh Campbell, Managing Editor
Josh is a graphic designer and adventurer, but more importantly, he’s an aspiring pro mountain biker. When he’s not breaking his bones bombing downhill, he’s designing sweet graphics or interviewing fellow outdoor athletes. Josh isn’t content until he’s pushed himself to his limits, whether it be on his bike or in an office chair.
Shallen Orband, Media Manager
Shallen is a freelance writer and photographer who left the golden west coast of Cali to be one with nature in Arkansas. When she’s not modeling for outdoorsy brands or working in the office she’s usually out saving lives at the nearest swimming pool or trying to figure out how to solve a rubrics cube without cheating.