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Bushwhacking in Alaska’s Glacier Bay National Park

Bushwhacking in Alaska’s Glacier Bay National Park

The idea of a bushwhack is to get off the trail and blaze a new trail. This is easy to do in many parts of Alaska as there are no trails in the first place. Our guide told us that only 5-7% of the visitors to Glacier Bay National Park […]

©istockphoto/Leonardo Patrizi

6 Things You Might Not Have Thought About for That Overseas Adventure

If you’re leaving the country—hooray! for you—there are a few things you might not have thought about for getting ready. Luckily for you, we did think of a few. Your Papers Please Sure everyone knows you need a passport to travel just about anywhere these days, but did you realize […]


A Woman Backpacker’s Guide to Packing Light for Southeast Asia

Ladies, you’ve done it. You’ve booked your plane ticket to Southeast Asia…a most exciting and pivotal step in planning for your life-changing trip. Now, it’s time to buckle down and think about resources, gear and a backpack. Southeast Asia is filled with varying cultures, where conservative tradition is highly regarded […]

6 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Traveling

6 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Traveling

Sometimes failing at something is the best way of learning. And sometimes it helps to know that other people have made the same mistakes and that other people feel the same way about things. These are the six things I would love to tell my younger self before she’d set […]

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6 Funky Cruises

If you want to go on a cruise, you might prefer to find one that caters to your tastes or desires. There is a cruise out there for everyone—and we do mean everyone. Science Guys Next year you can hop a 14-day Total Solar Eclipse Cruise trip to Indonesia aboard […]


6 Savory Vietnamese Dishes for Every Traveling Foodie

Vietnam is a mecca for foodies; a Southeast Asia gem with a rich cuisine that accompanies a culture just as rich in history, beauty, and tradition. If you and your palate are gearing up to take this scrumptious, exotic smorgasbord head on, there are a handful of delectable dishes you […]


Marriage Symbols Across the Globe

Meeting locals, and the opposite sex, is part of one’s journey overseas. Before leaving home, get acquainted with the culture’s wedding traditions, customs and symbols. These are some weird, strange, yet traditional symbols of marriage across the globe. Good Ol’ English Cultures To Americans, rings are worn on the left […]

Photo Credit: Courtney Lambert

6 Tips for Surviving Thailand’s Songkran Festival

The Thai people know how to throw a killer New Year’s celebration. Forget the sequins, ball drops and champagne—why not just shut down businesses and have a nationwide water fight for three days instead? That’s what I’m talking about. The Thai New Year, Songkran, is held every April 13-15 and […]

It’s in the Bones: Kutna Hora’s Ossuary near Prague

It’s in the Bones: Kutna Hora’s Ossuary near Prague

Nothing can prepare you for the sight you’ll encounter as you enter the Sedlec Ossuary (better known as “the bone church”) in the small city of Kutna Hora. Located 1.5 hours east of Prague, Kutna Hora is an unassuming town with a mining background and an astounding secret hiding inside […]


6 Tips for Health-Wise Travel

Up until recently, I perpetually made poor health choices while on vacation, starting with a McDonalds breakfast at the airport. Once travel became a huge part of my life I realized I needed to retrain my brain and fix this splurge. I consulted with ER nurse, fitness competitor, and fellow […]