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6 Dream Jobs for Travelers

6 Dream Jobs for Travelers

Imagine having a job that paid you to travel. It’s not just a fantasy—there really are jobs out there that allow you to travel for a living. We’ve got 6 jobs that any globetrotter would be lucky to have. Take a look at this list—then start grooming your resume.


The Ultimate Guide To Packing Like A Pro

Traveling is awesome, there’s no doubt about it. What makes it even more awesome? Knowing how to pack like a professional globetrotter. Avoid overstuffed suitcases, wrinkled clothes, leaky bottles, and all of those other irritating but seemingly inevitable annoyances with our guide to assembling a top notch travel kit. Plan […]

Connect and Celebrate: 10 Reasons to Visit Expo Milano 2015

Connect and Celebrate: 10 Reasons to Visit Expo Milano 2015

If you’re still looking for a good reason to travel to Europe this year (besides the euro’s best exchange rate in the single European currency’s history), consider the 2015 World’s Fair. Officially known as Expo Milano 2015, the quinquennial gathering of people from across the globe is essentially a show-and-tell […]


The 7 Best Safari Destinations in Africa

An African safari is one of the best adventure travel experiences imaginable, offering travelers the chance to spot some of the most amazing wildlife on the planet in its natural habitat. There are few things more thrilling than watching a pride of lions on the hunt, or a herd of […]


Lend a Helping Hand Through Voluntourism

Travel opens us up to experiencing an exciting world of different cultures and places, but as some traveler’s know those places aren’t always flourishing. Many third-world countries could use a little help here and there, so why not volunteer during your travels to help make the world a better place? […]


7 Reasons You Should Go To Iceland

With limited daylight during the winter months and its relatively isolated location, Iceland doesn’t usually make top 10 lists when it comes to must-visit destinations. Which is a real shame, when you consider how much there is to see and do in this breathtakingly beautiful country. From where to find […]


6 Ways to Have an Authentic Cultural Experience

There is a difference between tourists and travelers. Tourists tend to travel within their comfort zones. Sure, they’ll check out some sights (as recommended by the tour guide or guide book), but they’ll stick to international hotel chains they know and food types they’re familiar with. They’ll leave with a […]

7 Signs You Desperately Need a Vacation to Southeast Asia

7 Signs You Desperately Need a Vacation to Southeast Asia

You’re sitting there back home, thinking about whether you should book that flight or not. You’re not sure if it’s a good idea or if you should save the money for a rainy day. No worries, we know the feeling. Here are seven signs you desperately need a vacation, and […]

What to Pack in Your Spring Break Survival Kit

What to Pack in Your Spring Break Survival Kit

Believe it or not, there are things you need to pack for Spring Break that are just as important as a swimsuit and a cooler of adult beverages. So before you head for the beach, be sure to tuck away these items for the perfect survival kit. Sunscreen I know […]

6 Best Restaurants With A View

6 Best Restaurants With A View

If you’re looking for a dining experience to remember next time you’re on holiday, search no further than our roundup of the best restaurants with a view. Great food is a given but where these spots truly shine is in where they’re located. Overlooking entire cities, set into cliffs beside […]