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7 Most Relaxing Destinations You Need to Visit

7 Most Relaxing Destinations You Need to Visit

Are you ready to relax on your next trip abroad? Peace and solitude is not limited to white sandy beaches; in fact, city dwellers also find a nice time at streetside cafés while sipping a latte. In order to unwind, travelers must feel safe and find it easy to navigate around town. From […]


Europe’s 7 Best Cities for Intergenerational Travelers

If you’re thinking of traveling with your grandchildren, you wouldn’t be the first. About 44 percent of children take at least one trip a year with their grandparents, according to statistics compiled from a TripAdvisors survey. And those numbers are bound to keep growing as today’s generation of grandparents in their […]

5 min guide: to keeping your luggage safe

Pacsafe Get a Free Bag Giveaway

Pacsafe Get-A-Free-Bag Giveaway (Subscribers) Terms and Conditions Promotor of Giveaway: The promoter of the Pacsafe Get-A-Free-Bag Giveaway (“Giveaway”) is Outpac Designs Ltd (“Pacsafe”) of Flat A, 15th Floor Cheung Fat Industrial Building, 7-9 Hill Road, Western District, Hong Kong. Acceptance of Terms and Conditions: Entry into this Giveaway is deemed […]


How to Travel on $50 a Day

Traveling is often seen as an expensive proposition, but it doesn’t have to be. There are some simple, cost-cutting tricks that’ll help you cut down on expenses while still allowing you to have a great time. Follow these tips and you should be able to travel on less than $50 a […]

James Bond Island | ©istockphoto/Alexander Chernyakov

Discover Phuket In A Day

Phuket is one of Thailand’s most spectacular cities, and it’s virtually impossible to pack all of the fun options into one day. However, you can stuff in quite a few thrills if you plan wisely. Karon Beach Early mornings in Phuket are just as lively as any other time of […]

How to Get the Right Travel Insurance

How to Get the Right Travel Insurance

Every now and then travelers are reminded of how important travel insurance is and what it can cover. One of the most recent reminders came with the Bali ash cloud, which resulted in numerous flight cancellations and thousands of travelers having to spend more than expected on accommodation, food, and […]


10 Breakfast Foods From Around The World

Americans are doing breakfast all wrong. Except for bacon, of course, but other than that we’ve been scarfing down some pretty bland eats compared to the rest of the world. Here are a few breakfast treats from around the globe that we should take a little inspiration from. Croissants and […]

7 Things You Need to Know Before You Travel to Europe

7 Things You Need to Know Before You Travel to Europe

Do you plan on visiting Europe? Many perceive Europe as progressive and offering the best public transit in the world. Although true, many European countries still live an “old school” life where cash is king and shops are closed on Sundays. So this is what to know before you travel […]

Private Islands of the Cruise Ship Lines

Private Islands of the Cruise Ship Lines

There are about 700 islands or cays (usually pronounced as “keys”) in the Bahamas and quite a few are private. Even if you aren’t friends with a billionaire or movie star, you can visit some of these private strips of sand and palm trees by cruising on certain cruise ship […]