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How to Take Great Travel Photos (Even If You Travel Solo)

How to Take Great Travel Photos (Even If You Travel Solo)

If you’re like me, you do most of your traveling by yourself and that means you have a lot of beautiful photographs, but are mysteriously missing from the bulk of them. I used to think that I didn’t like myself in photos, but in time, I came to wish I [...]

Packing for 7 Days in 1 Bag in 5 Minutes

Packing for 7 Days in 1 Bag in 5 Minutes

I have watched in wonder as families wheel large luggage carts around in the airport. They seemed to have packed as if their cross country trip were by wagon train instead of by airplane. Similarly, I have watched as people board cruise ships with suitcases and trunks large enough to [...]

Unusual Activities To Do On Your Next Vacation

Unusual Activities To Do On Your Next Vacation

Bored of the same old when it comes to travel? Feel as if though you’ve seen and done it all? Consider it time to shake up your holiday itinerary with some truly atypical vacation activities. From cage diving with crocs in South Africa to enjoying dinner at a table hovering [...]


7 Things to Know About Montpellier, France

The problem with France is that there are too many glorious places to visit. Marvels like Paris and Provence take the spotlight, but there are so many other extraordinary regions and cities to see. Or maybe that’s one of France’s advantages—those who wander are rewarded with lively, historical, and culturally [...]


Checking in by Phone: The Card Key May be History

Though it hasn’t become the norm yet, hotel companies have either started or are making plans to let you use your smartphone to not just check in, avoiding the front desk but unlock your hotel room as well. No Waiting in Line Again Several chains already allow you to check [...]

7 Times It’s Better to Check Your Luggage

7 Times It’s Better to Check Your Luggage

You’ve surely read the words of wise travelers advising you that it is always better to carry on your luggage rather than check it. Often times, this is true—but sometimes, that’s simply not the case. Paying the extra fees to check your baggage can seem like a pain, but on [...]


Tips for City Photography On The Go

Taking great photographs while you’re on the go in a foreign city is challenging. Cities are cluttered, constantly moving, and people often don’t want their photo taken. Equipment needs to be both capable and light. Here are some tips for making great images of daily life in foreign lands. What’s [...]


Celebrating Carnival: 6 of the Best Carnival Parties in the World

Though its history is based in Christian, and mainly Catholic overtones, Carnival today is known for parades, parties and beads. Practically the whole world celebrates Carnival in one form or another and here are just a few of the best. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – February 13-17 This is the grand-daddy [...]


10 Tips for Taking Better Point-and-Shoot Pictures

In some situations, large digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) cameras are just too bulky to be practical. Digital point-and-shoot cameras are small, affordable alternatives, and many have added durability features including being waterproof to 10 feet. Before you ditch your DSLR in favor of your high-resolution cell phone camera, consider that smartphones are [...]


6 Reasons Why I Can’t Wait to Visit Cuba

With the U.S Government relaxing visitation rules for Cuba, Americans are lining up to visit the island. While some restrictions are still in place, the arduous paperwork requirements have been lifted, making it easier to arrange travel there. The Crowds are Coming According to numbers released by the Cuban government, [...]