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6 Different Christmas Traditions to try this Holiday Season

6 Different Christmas Traditions to try this Holiday Season

Decorating Christmas trees and leaving cookies for Santa are a fun way to celebrate a traditional Christmas. Spice up your holiday traditions this winter with worldly and out of the box customs. Watch a fire on television or carol the streets dressed as a mummer; whatever you choose it’ll be […]

Survive Holiday Travel With These Must-Have Gadgets

Survive Holiday Travel With These Must-Have Gadgets

For many of us, traveling around the holidays brings out our inner Grinch. Weather delays, insane line-ups, flights packed the brim… bah, humbug. But in order to spend time with your loved ones around the holiday season—or to flee it all for a tropic beach somewhere far away—travel this time […]


6 Ways to Eat Like a Local

Cracking into the local food scene is a goal that every traveler should aspire to. There’s arguably no better way to experience the local culture than trying their signature recipes, sampling exotic ingredients (or, just as exciting, ingredients that you’re used to that are prepared in a totally different way), […]


7 Must-visit Ski Resorts

Winter season is in full swing. Grab your gear and get ready to explore these  ski destinations across the US and Europe. Cervinia, Italy This region of uncontaminated nature dates back two hundred years when it would take hours to reach this pristine region through treacherous snowdrifts. Modern technology has found a […]

7 Things to Know About Cornucopia, Whistler’s Food and Wine Festival

7 Things to Know About Cornucopia, Whistler’s Food and Wine Festival

A festival celebrating good food and drink in a world-class ski resort town? Sounds like a winning recipe to us. Before the mountains open up for a season of skiing, the people of Whistler, British Columbia gather to sample delicious foods, to sip terrific wines, and to learn a thing […]


Shopping in Cancun: Coral Negro Flea Market

In Cancun, located in the hotel zone right on Kukulcan Blvd. near all the big nightclubs, this market is where you can get all those souvenirs you’ve been wanting to bring back home. Easy Access If you’re staying along the hotel zone shopping is just an easy bus ride away. […]


Keeping a Packing Journal

Trying to figure out what to pack? Whether you’re traveling for a week or a weekend these tips for keeping a packing journal will keep you organized and comfortable. There are three kinds of packers: Those who throw things in a bag at the last minute, those who scrawl lists on […]


Transportation from Airport to Hotel: Public or Private

It doesn’t matter if you land in a major metropolitan area, with trains, buses and cabs, or in a foreign land with rickshaws and bicycles, you need to get to your hotel and you don’t care to mess around. The Train Some cities have had the foresight to build trains […]

6 of the Rarest Languages Still Spoken Today

6 of the Rarest Languages Still Spoken Today

Ever heard of Njerep? What about Liki? Chances are slim because they’re 2 of the rarest languages out there. According to the UN, there are approximately 6,000 languages that risk becoming extinct, which is tragic in and of itself. In response, they have created the Endangered Language Programme, meant to […]


Swimming in a Big Hole: The Ik Kil Cenote of Yucatan, Mexico

If you wish to see the swimming hole to beat all swimming holes you need to head about 190 Kilometers (120 miles) north and west of the world famous resort town of Cancun, Mexico to the Ik Kil Cenote. What is a Cenote? Pronounced “Z- not” by the ancient Mayans […]