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Why France is Best in the Fall

France is known for a lot of things, but autumnal travel isn’t always one of them. It’s a shame because fall in France is one of the most beautiful times to experience this incredible country, regardless of what kind of traveler you are. From sensational seasonal markets to a special […]


6 International Destinations to visit during Fall

Fall is the perfect season to take advantage of cheaper prices and explore fall festivities with a full pocket book and a handful of scrumptious food. Heat up your vacation plans as the weather cools with these Fall destinations that are worth every penny. Great Masurian Lakes, Poland Poland is […]

6 Must-Visit European Fall Destinations

6 Must-Visit European Fall Destinations

Looking to book a much-needed vacation but aren’t sure where to go? Why not head to one of these incredible European countries that promise to be at their all-time best this time of year. From historic road races in Greece to  folk celebrations in Ireland, read on for a guide […]


Italy’s Top Fall Food and Wine Festivals

Italy is a primo European destination for foodies and vino lovers alike. Visitors experience fine palate food and mouth watering wine year round. The fall season presents a perfect opportunity to explore the best of Italian food including pasta, truffles, wine and even potatoes.  Bring your appetite as Italy warms […]

I Give Thanks

I Give Thanks

Happy (USA) Thanksgiving everyone!  This month’s blog is all about thankfulness.  But before I can go there, I must go back. On the first day of my shoot for Hidden Cities Extreme, the director took me to the side and said, “Simon, if there is any advice that I can give […]


Top Fall Festivals in India

India is known to be hot, humid and harsh in the summer thanks to monsoons. The fall season is the perfect time to discover India during temperate climates while exploring its true ethnic culture. From tika powder to camels, these are the top festivals to explore in India during the […]


7 Reasons to Visit Halifax, Nova Scotia

There’s something special about Halifax that’s hard to pinpoint. It’s a city steeped in history, yet it feels impossibly young—thanks, partly, to the many universities with campuses situated around town. The fusion of new and old makes Halifax, Nova Scotia, an incredible place to visit. Its relatively small size (just […]

Walking the Inca Trail

Walking the Inca Trail

In September, my wife and I fulfilled a long-standing bucket list entry of ours and hiked the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. Our trip came after more than a year of progressive hiking, and we carefully researched different trekking organizations in order to get the most out of our Andean […]

7 of the Best Vacation Movies Ever

7 of the Best Vacation Movies Ever

Retro sequels are making the ultimate comeback. The latest and greatest: a sequel to the classic National Lampoon’s Vacation, which is said to star Leslie Mann, Ed Helms, and Christina Applegate. That’s not all: word on the street is the a Vacation sitcom is in the works, featuring none other […]

Smart Phone Photo Tips from Ben Hicks

Smart Phone Photo Tips from Ben Hicks

The best camera for traveling is the one you “always have with you.” When Traveling always have at least camera or two on me. Unfortunately, they aren’t always 100% accessible. Worse yet is when moving around and fumbling through my bag for the camera will give away my cover while […]