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10 Tips to Help Make Train Travel Memorable, Fun and Safe

One of those most vivid and unforgettable memories of my life involved a ride I endured over three days on a clumsy ancient diesel-powered train from Marrakesh to Tangier by way of Fez, Morocco. At times, my experience mimicked scenes straight out The Sheltering Sky, a novel of post-colonial alienation […]


6 of the Best Beer Festivals on Earth

Most people will agree: beer is a beverage worth celebrating. And celebrate it we do, at beer festivals taking place around the globe. From chugging in China to guzzling in Germany, we’ve gathered a list of some of the best beer festivals on Earth—no easy feat, with the number of […]


Defeating Homesickness

Any traveler has had that one singular moment. Maybe it comes when they check their social media feeds, maybe it’s when they’re sick and longing for comfort, or maybe it’s when they eat something that’s close to but just not close enough for home. Homesickness is the longing feeling for […]

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6 Things You Must Wear to Look Like an American Tourist

Let’s face it, it may be a stereotype but we fit it well. If doesn’t seem to matter whether we’re travelling overseas, or just running into Walmart; the look is the same. Cargo Shorts This is by far the most popular fashion accessory for this century, at least so far. […]

6 Destinations That Are Incredibly Dangerous (And Why You Should Visit Them Anyway)

6 Destinations That Are Incredibly Dangerous (And Why You Should Visit Them Anyway)

There are many reasons to scratch a destination off your bucket list (lack of culture, butt ugly locale, boring natives), but a perceived—and sometimes real—threat doesn’t have to be one of them. Here are some tourist destinations that might not currently be the safest places to be, but are still […]

A Travel Through Turkey

A Travel Through Turkey

A glimpse of Turkey the way we usually don’t get to see it—through the eyes of it’s people. This video is a sneak peak of what lies within the soul of Turkey: the true ways of life, customs that tell a story of the past, and the faces behind the […]


Halloween in Countries Around the World

Halloween has many cultural roots tied into the traditions we see today, from Celtic-inspired celebrations to Americanized aesthetics, Halloween in modern times represents many different things to different sets of people. Whether it is a day to dress up, eat candy, or celebrate the loss of loved ones, where you […]

10 Haunted Places Across the World

10 Haunted Places Across the World

Looking for a scare this Halloween season? Instead of visiting a manufactured haunted house, how about visiting a truly haunted destination. And here for you today, to get you on your way, is a list of 10 haunted places around the world: Isla De Las Muñecas, Mexico City, Mexico Come visit […]

October Celebrations Around The World

October Celebrations Around The World

Teng Chieh festival, El Dia de los Muertos, Alla Helgons Dag, Halloween… who knew there were so many celebrations taking place on or around the end of October? From days to honor the deceased to celebrations that span several months, read on for a look at these spooky celebrations around […]

6 Must-Visit Haunted Hotels

6 Must-Visit Haunted Hotels

Fancy yourself fearless? You might be singing a different tune after spending a night in one of these allegedly haunted hotels. From the ghost-infested Hotel Burchianti in Florence to Tokyo’s decidedly creepy Akasaka Weekly Mansion, read on for a guide to some of the world’s creepiest haunted hotels. Sleep tight… […]