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6 Reasons to Visit Montréal This Fall

The weather may be cooling down but that never stops Montréal from bringing its A game. From beautiful scenery to culinary experiences like no other, a list of reasons that Montréal should be your number one destinations this autumn. The Weather is Perfect Despite what many think, Canadian cities aren’t in […]


Island Hopping in Scotland

Adventurous travelers looking for a truly off-the-beaten path experience of Scotland head to the high seas to take in the dramatic coastlines and wild beauty of Scotland’s intriguing west coast islands. From Islay, where some of Scotland’s top whiskies are produced to the dramatic and historical Skye, to the rich […]

6 Cemeteries Worth Visiting

6 Cemeteries Worth Visiting

Halloween may still be a month away but that doesn’t mean it’s too early to get in touch with the eerier side of things. Cemeteries often invoke macabre sentiments when in reality, they’re treasure troves of historical information, stunning works of art, and breathtakingly beautiful scenery. From famous burial sites […]


Top 7 Lighthouse Hotels

Once the guiding light for ships, lighthouses have reawakened as chic and homely hotels, all featuring an amazing waterfront view. Creative minds and innovative interior decorators have reincarnated the cold and bland lighthouses into a cozy and hospitable home for captain’s and their ship mates. These top lighthouse hotels are […]

Trip Tips for Spain from Ben Hicks

Trip Tips for Spain from Ben Hicks

Don’t exchange all your money at once. When you do, keep some in a few different places, in case something gets stolen. Even in airplane mode with cell service off but Wifi on your iPhone can be a digital map to guide you through the day. Use Google maps and […]

Why The Ebola Outbreak Shouldn’t Keep You From Traveling in Africa

Why The Ebola Outbreak Shouldn’t Keep You From Traveling in Africa

Without a doubt, one of the biggest news stories of the year thus far has been the outbreak of Ebola in West Africa. The virus has spread across Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Liberia, with a few cases being reported in Senegal and Nigeria too. To date, more than 7200 people […]


6 Best Treks In Nepal

Nepal is a land of many faces, each mysterious and diverse, covering a range of unique landscapes. While the jewels of this tiny country between India and China are in the Himalayan Ranges, Nepal shares the arid environment of the Tibetan plateau, jungles and marshlands to the south, and a […]

Top International Halloween Party Destinations

Top International Halloween Party Destinations

Halloween is the one time per year where risqué costumes and zombie-like bashes are acceptable and thrive. Although popular in America, countries around the world are adopting this annual holiday for costume parties, community parades, and the chance to eat a lollie. Halloween Eastern Caribbean Singles Cruise, Caribbean Sail away […]

This is Calcio: Football Culture in Italy

This is Calcio: Football Culture in Italy

It’s 3 pm on Sunday, and across the peninsula, the streets are empty. Banners and flags hang from doorways, brightly lit in shades of blue, white, red, black, pink, purple, and yellow. Bars crowd to the brim, while everybody intensely gazes towards the television, clutching their scarves, murmuring in hushed […]


10 Photography Rules You Should Break…And Have Fun Doing It

Photography is full of “rules”. Here’s a secret: nobody’s ever been fined or arrested for breaking the Rules of Composition. Photography is about fun, creativity, and art, not compliance. Like all “rules”, the rules of photography exist because they work most of the time. But there are plenty of times […]