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6 Destinations for Coffee Lovers

You’ve heard of wine, beer, and even chocolate tours, but how about something for the java fans out there? There’s just something about a fresh cup of coffee that rouses the deepest sleepers, perks up ardent morning-loathers, and brings friends together like nothing else. Whether you’re a cultivated connoisseur or […]

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6 Dinosaur Destinations

With the recent discovery of the world’s largest dinosaur in Argentina, it’s definitely paleontology’s time to shine. Fans of the Triassic period and Jurassic junkies alike will delight in the offerings of these exciting spots that bring history to life. For those looking to experience some prehistoric fun, here are […]

The Remote Mountains of Tajikistan

The Remote Mountains of Tajikistan

Miles Atkinson traveled to Tajikistan to one of the most remote mountain ranges on the planed, The Pamirs. In doing so, he captures the spirit of a country that many people have never even heard of.

Why You Should Give Solo Traveling a Try

Why You Should Give Solo Traveling a Try

Traveling with a group of friends can be a lot of fun. Travel with a significant other can be awesome, too. But sometimes, you just need to embark on a solo adventure. You’ll feel liberated the second you decide to travel by yourself. For starters, you get to decide your […]

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Europe’s Best Hot Springs

Nothing is better than being in Europe, taking a steaming hot bath in nature, while sipping a post-soak latte. Hot springs are Mother Nature’s method to infuse relaxation into tired bodies. Whether it’s a spa sanctuary or a hole in the ground, these hot springs are a popular destination amidst […]

The Mountain, A Time Lapse

The Mountain, A Time Lapse

Check out this beautiful series of time lapses that were filmed over 7 days on El Teide in Spain.

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8 Tips for Taking Your Kids to the Museum

Adults go to museums to learn about culture and history. They go to appreciate art, observe artifacts, and understand people and events in a totally new way. It just so happens that kids love to do these things, too—perhaps even more so than adults. Many adults are hesitant about taking […]

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Best Helicopter Tours in the US

Exploring national parks and urban fields on foot is spectacular, but to explore these sites from a helicopter is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Helicopter tours feature bird’s eye view of iconic sites and landmarks, not otherwise seen from your commercial flight. Get your camera ready as the chopper […]

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6 Yoga Retreats for the Adventurer

If you think that a yoga retreat might move a little too slowly for you, think again. Some yoga retreat organizers have realized that the exotic locales in which they host the retreats are also particularly well suited towards adrenaline-filled outdoor activities. Many of these activities, like hiking, biking and surfing, […]

Top Places to Catch an Outdoor Movie this Summer

Top Places to Catch an Outdoor Movie this Summer

Nothing says, “American Romantic Drama,” better than snuggling with your honey at an outdoor movie this summer. Major cities around the US showcase black-and-white classics and Blockbuster masterpieces at some of the most prominent spots around town. Grab a blanket and some sweet treats and get ready for the big […]