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Eating on the Road

Eating healthy on the road is sensible, good for you and totally boring. Before a recent road trip, The Wife cut out an article for me about how a little chopped up Kale, with a drizzle of olive oil is a tasty and nutritious snack. I, of course, immediately threw […]

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6 Tips for Keeping a Personal Travel Blog

If you’re about to embark on the trip of a lifetime, maybe the idea of a travel blog has popped into your mind—especially if you’ve come across a few in your own research. A travel blog can be a great idea: it’s like sending a post card to everyone you […]

Fears and Solutions of Solitary Women Travelers

Fears and Solutions of Solitary Women Travelers

In my travels, I have come across single women around the world who say, “I’d like to travel, but I don’t have anyone to go with.” Having traveled alone, I asked what was stopping them. What I found was a mixture of fears and concerns: Blending in Amanda Heckart from […]

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5 Vacations that Went Wrong but Ended Up Even Better

Throughout my collegiate years I had the opportunity to live abroad three times. Twice in Australia and once in India, with my fourth move abroad coming up shortly to Germany. Although the thrill of traveling excites every globe-trekker, most forget the reality of the dark side of tourism. Getting sick, […]

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Top World Wildlife Destinations

Lions, tigers and bears—oh my! Luckily, these animals exist in various places on the planet, and not just in the land of Oz. Bring your binoculars and cameras as you explore some of the best wildlife destinations on the planet. San Juan Islands, Washington The San Juans are home to […]

Six Famous Bars and Cafes In Italy

Six Famous Bars and Cafes In Italy

Italian bars are more than drinking establishments. They are rooms where writers, thinkers, playwrights, and philosophers would meet. Set in the biggest piazza’s they are lofty perches from which some of the greatest minds of our time would document, observe, and debate, in some cases forming some of our most […]

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Six Travel Photography Tips With A Smartphone

The advent of the camera-phone may have not yet completely replaced the DSLR, however a camera-phone can capture images the way a bigger camera can’t. Besides being portable, camera-phones can capture detail with simpler one-touch control over focus and aperture. The best images are the ones that are captured simply, […]

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Dangerous Outdoor Trips that will Empty Your Wallet

Are you looking to blow your money on something risky? Instead of purchasing the stable life insurance policy, adventure enthusiasts start stacking up the Benjamin’s in hopes for an adrenaline rush. Whether its diving with sharks, or bungee jumping over volcanoes, these risk-taking trips cost a pretty penny.  But for […]

Simon Yin’s Reasons to Travel to Japan

Simon Yin’s Reasons to Travel to Japan

People always ask me what my favorite destination is…and that is always a hard one for me to answer. Each country has so much to offer in so many different ways, but one of the most unique for me is always Japan. There’s always so much to explore in Tokyo, […]

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6 Tech Items That Are Changing the Way We Travel

Technology has had an undeniable impact on how we travel, and in recent years gadgets such as smartphones, tablets, and digital cameras have all added convenience and comfort while on the road. But those devices are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of technology items that are poised […]