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Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Plan a Trip to Normandy

With the anniversary of the Normandy Landing fresh on our minds, there’s no better time to start thinking about spending some time in this beautiful region of France. Breathtaking landscapes, exquisite food, beautiful beaches, and a deep sense of history—what more could you ask for? Whether you’re a repeat visitor […]

Most Impressive Landmarks to Visit on Google Street View

Most Impressive Landmarks to Visit on Google Street View

Most travelers dream of exploring the road unknown and visiting the world’s most impressive, and ancient, landmarks. But reality says unless you backpack the world, or dedicate your finances to travel, travelers may not visit every bucket-list landmark. Thanks to technology and the extraordinary Google Street View, travelers can now […]

6 Signs That It’s Time for a Career Break (and go travel)

6 Signs That It’s Time for a Career Break (and go travel)

Taking a career break to travel can be super scary, and while toying with the idea, some might call you crazy or say to do so would be detrimental to your financial future- but is it really? And you must ask yourself- what got you to the point of considering […]

How to Spend Less Than $700 USD on a World Cup Trip to Brazil

How to Spend Less Than $700 USD on a World Cup Trip to Brazil

The FIFA World cup is half over and most people have come and gone spending thousands for their entire trip. Flights alone were more than $1400 USD for a round trip ticket from Chicago and hotel rates were up more than 200% for an entire two month window. Account for […]

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Most Sacred Cities for the Spiritual Traveler

Travelers of all types hit the road every year in search of something new. For those yearning for a soulful experience, rather than a vomit-filled hostel bathroom, check out the road to one of these holy lands. Spiritual pilgrimages take place in various forms and rituals, but all start with […]

A Glimpse of China

A Glimpse of China

Bryce Plankow explored many of the wonders that China has to offer, and along the way, he decided to record it. The video he created was an amazing depiction of the beauty and wonder of the Chinese landscape. Bet you had no idea that some of these places even existed.

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Most Colorful Lakes in the World

When dreaming of a lake, often times murky blue to aqua-green colors are in thought. Besides the stunning turquoise color, lakes around the world are showcasing orange, red and even white colors thanks to mineral and algae deposits that alter the water’s hue. If in search for a holistic color […]

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6 Destinations for Coffee Lovers

You’ve heard of wine, beer, and even chocolate tours, but how about something for the java fans out there? There’s just something about a fresh cup of coffee that rouses the deepest sleepers, perks up ardent morning-loathers, and brings friends together like nothing else. Whether you’re a cultivated connoisseur or […]

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6 Dinosaur Destinations

With the recent discovery of the world’s largest dinosaur in Argentina, it’s definitely paleontology’s time to shine. Fans of the Triassic period and Jurassic junkies alike will delight in the offerings of these exciting spots that bring history to life. For those looking to experience some prehistoric fun, here are […]

The Remote Mountains of Tajikistan

The Remote Mountains of Tajikistan

Miles Atkinson traveled to Tajikistan to one of the most remote mountain ranges on the planed, The Pamirs. In doing so, he captures the spirit of a country that many people have never even heard of.