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Top Volcano Vacations in the World

It’s not every trip that one gets to vacation at a volcano. So if you’re going to do it, it’s best to do it right the first time to benefit from the most adventurous, lava-filled itinerary on the planet.  Each volcano offers its own exploration and (lack of) danger, but […]

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Best US Cities for Public Art

Art is that three-letter word that everyone enjoys and appreciates. It brings character to city streets and beauty to public spaces. But the best aspect of art is that one does not necessarily need to be in a museum to enjoy the best of art. From gentrification to being part […]

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7 Tips on Packing For That Caribbean Vacation

You don’t need much, honestly. Wasn’t a main reason for going there in the first place to get away from it all? But alas, there are a few essentials you won’t want to be without. Clothing for the Pool Sunscreen is a must for everyone. Some of us tend to […]

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Packable Entertainment

In this era of tablets and devices, it’s easy to forget that the litany of games extends beyond Angry Birds and Candy Crush. When your next adventure precludes packing a smartphone or tablet, refer to this list of easy-to-pack and easy-to-play travel games. Dice Games Dice are indestructible and easy […]

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7 Things to Do if You Lose Your Passport

It’s every traveler’s worst nightmare. You’re overseas on the trip of a lifetime, when your most essential piece of travel equipment goes missing: your passport. Your passport is like a physical extension of your identity, and to be caught without it abroad can make you feel lost, helpless, and confused […]

New Brand Ambassador: Simon Yin

New Brand Ambassador: Simon Yin

Pacsafe is proud to announce the latest Pacsafe Ambassador to join our team! He’s wild, wacky and travels to the Extreme! He’s none other than actor, director and TV host of History Channel’s Hidden Cities Extreme –the incomparable and one-of-a-kind Simon Yin. Simon’s traveled all over Asia to experience some […]

Coolest Cave Hotels

Coolest Cave Hotels

For those who yearn for seclusion from light, air and day, get your underground fix at one of these cave hotels. Become a geological wonder as you dive into the earth’s crust and experience soundless sleep. Cave hotels are not common, and although there are plenty of underground buildings, not […]

World’s Weirdest Hostels

World’s Weirdest Hostels

Looking for an affordable, yet weird place to rest your head at night? Sleep off the beaten path at some of these unique, and definitely strange, hostels. Traveling on a budget sometimes seems limited, but there are plenty of estranged opportunities and accommodations to fit your pocketbook. From prison cells […]

Most Sacred Native American Sites

Most Sacred Native American Sites

Long before modern buildings and chíc cafés, Native Americans ruled the land, and found a deep connection with the earth and nature. These spiritual areas are now known as sacred sites, which still hold a special place in the Native American culture’s heart. So the next time you want to […]

7 U.S. Cities to Celebrate St. Patty’s day

7 U.S. Cities to Celebrate St. Patty’s day

Oh Saint Patrick’s day…an Irish holiday filled with music, food, parades, festivities and all things green. You don’t have to travel to Ireland to celebrate, and America boasts some of the best parties around. Check out these 7 cities from around the U.S. to get down and get green for […]