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Transportation from Airport to Hotel: Public or Private

It doesn’t matter if you land in a major metropolitan area, with trains, buses and cabs, or in a foreign land with rickshaws and bicycles, you need to get to your hotel and you don’t care to mess around. The Train Some cities have had the foresight to build trains [...]

6 of the Rarest Languages Still Spoken Today

6 of the Rarest Languages Still Spoken Today

Ever heard of Njerep? What about Liki? Chances are slim because they’re 2 of the rarest languages out there. According to the UN, there are approximately 6,000 languages that risk becoming extinct, which is tragic in and of itself. In response, they have created the Endangered Language Programme, meant to [...]


Swimming in a Big Hole: The Ik Kil Cenote of Yucatan, Mexico

If you wish to see the swimming hole to beat all swimming holes you need to head about 190 Kilometers (120 miles) north and west of the world famous resort town of Cancun, Mexico to the Ik Kil Cenote. What is a Cenote? Pronounced “Z- not” by the ancient Mayans [...]

6 of the World’s Worst Countries for Driving

6 of the World’s Worst Countries for Driving

What do Nigeria, South Korea, India, and Libya  have in common? They’re ranked as some of  the countries best known for the most dangerous driving. From road jams that make your daily commute seem like a dream, to sobering mortality rates; these are spots that might be known for a [...]

12 Days of Christmas Giveaway

Christmas is coming up and in the spirit of Christmas, 12 lucky Pacsafers will have a chance to win a Pacsafe anti-theft bag. Pacsafe will be randomly drawing each day a winner for a total of 12 days; that’s 12 chances of winning! How to enter: Submissions during the period [...]


Getting Through Customs Without a Hassle

You’ve been on a plane for hours and just want to get to your destination. The last thing you want to deal with is a search of your luggage at customs. Even if you’re not carrying any contraband or undeclared items, which none of us would ever do, you just [...]

It’s December! Where did the time go?

It’s December! Where did the time go?

I toyed with the idea of doing a year end recap with some of my favorite moments,  but then I thought, that’s boring, everyone does that! So instead, I am here to talk to you about my favourite ways to ‘take the edge off’. Yes, boys and girls, these are [...]


A Chichen Itza Day Trip: Only 200 km and 1400 Years From Cancun

Located about 190 km north of the world famous resort town of Cancun on the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico, Chichen Itza has become one of the most revered archaeological sites in the world. Considered one of the seven wonders of the Modern World, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site this [...]


Belgium, Your Next Vacation Spot

While Belgium doesn’t get the recognition that some of its neighbors do (we’re looking at you, France) that doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve to be seen for the fabulous spot that it is. Whether you’re seeking the culinary experience of a lifetime, want to learn more about some of history’s [...]


9 Tips for Staying Safe While Trekking in Nepal

In October, a powerful, out-of-season, blizzard hit the Annapurna Region of Nepal, claiming the lives of more than 40 trekkers in the process. In the wake of that tragedy, the Ministry of Tourism for the Himalayan country has promised to review its regulations governing trekking in the region, and vowed [...]