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7 Travel Safety Tips for You and Your Squad

Best news ever! You and your squad are about to embark on the trip of a lifetime. Your mind is racing with which restaurant to check out on the first night of your trip and whether you’re overdoing it by packing six swimsuits (note: you’re not). While you’re daydreaming of adventures and […]


Ho Chi Minh City In A Day

Ho Chi Minh City. Saigon. No matter what you call it, Vietnam’s capital city is quickly becoming a must-see destination for backpackers and vacationers around the world. From the vibrant markets to the upscale eateries, the city is quickly establishing itself as a contender for one of the most interesting […]

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Travel Dictionary: Deciphering Today’s Travel Lingo

Heading on a foodcation anytime soon? Don’t forget to post a braggie from your poshtel room. It’s all the rage these days. If you’re scratching your head, not to fret; we’ve assembled a handy travel dictionary to help you translate the latest travel trends and terms into plain language. Whether […]

6 Amazing Beaches You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

6 Amazing Beaches You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Are you a fan of gorgeous beaches, but hate when you have to share them with hundreds of people, or worse, pay a few Euros simply to rent a beach chair on the packed shoreline? If you’re aching for gorgeous but lesser-known beaches for some great alternatives to the usual […]

7 Places Not to Miss in Vietnam

7 Places Not to Miss in Vietnam

Vietnam is quickly becoming one of the most popular destinations in Southeast Asia and it’s easy to see why. The country offers stunning landscapes, delicious food, a fascinating history, and friendly people. Unlike some of its neighbours, Vietnam has largely resisted the urge to build big new tourist resorts. What […]


How I Plan to be More Spontaneous

Planning to be more spontaneous may seem oxymoronic but I’ve been called worse. Heck, take away the “Oxy” part and that’s a name I’m more used to hearing. Anyway, The Wife says I’m too uptight with our vacation planning so, in the vein of loosening up a bit, here are […]

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Horror Travel Stories: This is What Adventures Are Made Of

In the past 20 years, I’ve lived in six different countries. I’ve done a lot of sleeping on airports, a lot of riding on trains that are slower than walking, a lot of visiting places where everything goes wrong the minute you get there. Like the time I got stuck […]


Common Tourist Scams Around the World

From faulty taxi meters to closed attractions that really aren’t closed to group photo offers, travel scams exist all over the world. Some are more common than others but all can trick the savviest of travelers if you let your guard down. Shady Taxi Drivers There are a number of […]

6 Reasons Why Travel Makes You a Happier Person

6 Reasons Why Travel Makes You a Happier Person

If you have some vacation time coming up, consider traveling to a new place. Of course, it’s good to use at least some of that time to just relax and de-stress. Still, traveling can give you experiences that foster your happiness and personal growth in the long run. When you […]

Vientiane In a Day

Vientiane In a Day

Vientiane, the sleepy capital city of Laos, has been little more than a pit stop on the backpacker circuit for the last few years. Recent strides by local officials have begun to make it a prime destination for tourists, and it might be worth a visit before the city loses the […]