When a Sleeping Bag Just Isn’t Cozy Enough

cocoonThere are times in life when hugging your knees are the only way you can comfort yourself from the harsh realities of life. Hopefully, you don’t experience these moments in the great outdoors. If, however, you feel that this is a cozy position and you would prefer to sleep in this position, a hanging sleeping bag shelter might be for you. Notice, though, that this “Cocoon” is meant for “emergency outdoor survival”. ┬áIt’s suggested that this sleeping bag shelter only be used in emergencies, such as when the weather is frigidly cold. In this case, a flat sleeping bag would not allow for the warmth your body can give when in the fetal position. Another emergency situation when this sleeping bag might be useful is when you encounter terrain filled with trees, but no ground. In these situations, the hanging sleeping bag would come in very useful. If, however, you don’t anticipate any of those emergency situations, you may not have a need for this sleeping bag.