Winners of the Travel Out Loud Contest!!!

We spend a lot of time browsing our favorite travel photos but last month, we decided it would be a good idea to get yours. So we launched a contest, asked Pacsafers around the world to submit their best travel pics, and now we’re picking winners!

Here’s our winners and their new swag

First Place:  Gian Pacana

Ultimatesafe 32L
Venturesafe 20L
Walletsafe 50
Wristsafe 50

Second Place:  John Dillon

Venturesafe 25L
Venturesafe 150

Third Place:  Jessica Sanders

Venturesafe 100

We’re all about throwing contests to see what Pacsafers around the world are up to.  This time, we’re on Pinterest – the Pacsafe Pin it to Win it Contest.  It’s so easy to enter and Pinterest is so addicting so go ahead, Pin away!

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