5 Sexiest (Fictional) Adventurers

Nothing seems more romantic than packing all of your belongings into a bag, buying a one-way plane ticket to some remote destination and picking up with some hot local adventurer with a deep but sexy secret. Sound too good to be true? It probably is…but chin up! Until you meet your globe trotting sweety, get to know some adventuresome and tantalizing characters that will whet your whistle. That is, until a real bull-whip toting, dread-lock donning, rugged she-spy comes along.

Lara Croft
Many of us didn’t know Lara until she was portrayed by a pre-Brangelina Angelina Jolie however, Lara has a long history of tomb raiding. Originally created in 1996, Lara is an ass-kicking archaeologist who battles ancient world conspirators while exercising her wit and English charm. Originally crafted as a reaction to the stereotypical female action character (bimbo or dominatrix), Lara Croft has it all. An obscenely large trust fund, 2% body fat (all located in her chest apparently…), and combat boots. Lara Croft insured that gaming teenaged boys need not get off the couch to lust after a smart and adventurous woman.

Phileas Fogg
Adventurous, dangerous, and oh-so Victorian Phileas Fogg is an unconventional choice for the list of sexiest adventurers. Phileas Fogg was introduced in 1873 by Jules Verne in his classic tale–”Around the World in Eighty Days”. Phileas’s journey begins when he wagers the “Reform Club” 20,000 pounds that he and his valet, Passepartout can make it around the world in eighty days. Although woefully bourgeois and constantly accompanied by a French man-servant, Phileas is full of vigor, Victorian ideas of masculinity, and lots of money–a real catch for any Victorian woman.

Indiana Jones
He’s a professor, he’s afraid of snakes, and he wields a bull whip–what’s not to love? Dr. Henry Walton Jones Jr., Indiana to his friends, is perhaps that perfect combination of smart, sexy, and adventurous. He gruffly lectures on ancient civilization while simultaneously wooing his various love interests AND fighting off Nazis. A lone-wolf with daddy issues is bound to attract the ladies. Unfortunately for all of us pining over this archaeological crusader, he has already chosen his lady-love: Marion Ravenwood, a charming, cunning thrill-seeker in her own right. Indiana’s character is so iconic that it inspired our first sexy adventurer, Lara Croft.

We first developed a crush on Aragorn in the inn at Bree but he quickly stole our hearts as a key member of the Fellowship of the Ring, and finally as the harbinger of hope for all mankind. Whether he’s conversing with Legolas in fluent elfish, giggling and Gimli’s many faux pas, or rallying his troops to defeat Sauron, Aragorn always does it with burly sex appeal.  Aragorn’s radiant sensuality, or his valor or whatever, convinced an elven princess to give up her immortality…I mean, come on!

Carmen Isabella Sandiego
As one of the few non-child actors that steals just for the thrill of it, Carmen Sandiego has intrigued adventure enthusiasts for over twenty years. The goal of the game, “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?” is to track down the crimson clad villain and put her away for good however, it is often implied that she is a thief with a heart of gold which complicates our vision of Carmen. Do we want to throw her in prison? Convict her of human rights violations? Bring her before the United Nations? Or do we want to throw on a vibrant red trench coat and abscond with whatever treasure Carmen has gotten her hands on? I think I’ll go with the latter.

By Caroline Kellough