How to Protect Your Laptop While Traveling

Just once I would love to know what it feels like to travel without dragging my MacBook around. Though I love the thing desperately, it’s always just one more thing I have to worry about. We’ve been together for five years and it has seen multiple continents, dozens of countries, and managed to hold its own in the face of varying outlets, surges, and frequencies. This little MacBook is a trooper, that’s for sure, but the fact that we’re going on year number five together has been the result of

some pretty intense overprotection on my part. Frankly I’d discourage anyone from bringing their laptop in the first place, but if that’s not an option then make sure to follow these simple steps to ensure that you hold onto your data, if not the laptop itself.

Seriously. If you don’t have an external hard drive, get one. The other thing I highly recommend for travelers who need access to documents, photos, or other files while globetrotting is to sign up for iCloud, a cloud storage and cloud computing service from Apple. Makes it a lot easier to access your files while bouncing around and it’s also a great option if you choose not to bring a computer with you.

Invest in a Laptop CaseI once dropped my laptop bag from a camel. Yeah, it’s funny now, but it wasn’t then. (Please just let it go that I even had my laptop on a camel trek in the first place. I’m a travel blogger, ok?!) Fortunately I have a badass laptop case and it survived the fall. Also it’s very fortunate that the camel didn’t accidentally step on my poor little laptop. Don’t think the little guy would have survived that. Don’t get into the bad habit of relying exclusively on the padded sleeve in your laptop bag. Get a case. It makes a difference. Trust me.

Comfortable Laptop BagThis is key. Having a comfortable bag to transport your laptop is going to make or break how you feel about lugging it around. It’s also going to provide extra protection for those times when you accidentally drop your laptop

while riding a camel. My favorite is the Venturesafe 300, simply because I tend to favor the backpack laptop bags over the shoulder

style, but that’s just personal preference. I know some travelers prefer to have their laptop over their shoulder, such as the Venturesafe 400, so they can keep a better eye on it, but with the eXomesh slashguard in the Venturesafe 300, I don’t worry about that as much.

Secure it in the Hotel
There are times when you’ll want to take your laptop with you while wandering around, but most of the time it will probably get left behind. If leaving it in the hotel safe isn’t an option or if you’ve got to leave it in a hostel locker, then I would highly recommend getting the Infosafe. Made with eXomesh, this product is designed to be carried inside the padded sleeve of your laptop bag and also enables you to lock your bag and laptop to some immovable object.

Consider purchasing a smaller, cheaper laptop just for travel
If all you need your computer for is getting online, and you don’t feel comfortable relying on Internet cafes, than consider purchasing a nondescript and generic travel computer. You can find something like this for around 300 dollars and if you absolutely must travel with a computer, it will at least give you some peace of mind to know that it’s not your 2,000 dollar MacBook pro.

By Nikki Hodgson