Secret Storage

The fact that theft is a concern for travelers and backpackers is an unfortunate reality, but one that deserves your consideration. In some travel situations, carrying a wallet just means that your cash/credit cards/passport are readily accessible.  In these situations, carry your most important documents in secret pouches or an anti theft bag.  Here’s some of the sneakiest ways to hide your belongings.

Money Belt
The money belt is classic. Made of a simple pouch with a clipping built, the money belt is worn underneath your clothes around you waist and is usually large enough to carry your credit cards, cash, passport and any tickets. Look for belts that are comfortable and easy to access when wearing clothes. The Coversafe 25 is a good example.

Neck Belt
The neck belt works exactly like the money belt, only it’s worn around the neck. Think of the neck belt as a large necklace or pendent, again worn under clothes, and capable of keeping your things safe from predators. Consider the same variables when choosing a neck belt as for when choosing a waist belt. Comfort, ease of use and durability are paramount. The Pouchsafe 150 is one of PacSafe’s most secure neck pouch, ideal for your next adventurous romp.

Belt Wallet
The belt wallet is based on the money belt, but offers a quicker, more efficient system for retrieving money. The belt wallet requires that you wear a normal belt. Once your belt is on, the belt wallet clips to the belt so that the wallet is under your pants, hidden and secure. Pacsafe’s Coversafe 125 is an example. Compare the belt wallet’s comfort level to the neck pouch and waist pouch and choose the one that is the most comfortable.

Secret Pocket Wrist Bands
There are good places to hide your money and then there are great places to hide your money. Pacsafe’s Wristsafe 50s are designed to look and function like sport sweat bands. However, the sweat bands unzip to reveal small, soft-sided compartments; perfect for some cash and a few small papers.

If you aren’t lucky enough to get a real secret compartment, don’t forget about all the security standbys. The toe of the shoe, the pillowcase, under your hat, in your socks, etc. When all else fails, these systems can help decrease your likelihood of getting ripped off.

By Patrick Hutchison