5 Best Ways to Sleep on a Plane

All travelers aspire to be able to sleep anywhere, at any time, in any conditions. Yet, for many, sleeping on airplanes remains the most difficult environment to master: the screaming babies, the dry, sterile air, the flatulent seatmates, the cramped quarters, and the turbulence, always the turbulence. Whatever your nightmare scenario for sleeping is, an airplane’s got it. If you’ve been trying the same old sleeping positions, it’s time to branch out and get some z’s.

The Bernie
This is the most basic and most difficult position sot master. Leave the seat up, place your hands in your lap, turn your head slightly in the direction of whichever seatmate smells better, relax your jaw, leaving your mouth open, and close those eyes. You should appear comatose. The Bernie is best for extremely crowded situations.

The Origami
Hailing from the Far East, the Origami is only for the committed and the flexible. Fold the tray table down and lean onto it, using your folded arms to make a light-blocking support for your face. Add extra comfort by piling sweatshirts, jackets and pillows onto your tray table.

The Classic
Ideally, you could lay down on an airplane, but that luxury is only reserved for people so rich they pay people to sleep for them. For the Classic, recline your seat, place a pillow at the small of your back and extend your legs as far as possible under the seat in front of you. The goal here is to make your body as straight as possible.

The Window
While it’s obvious that the exit row is snoozing Shangri-La, the next best thing is the window seat. Unless you are traveling with a compliant friend, you have nothing to lean against. The window can be that compliant friend. No questions asked, just never-ending support. Lean the seat back, cram up whatever pillows, jackets, snack bags, and magazines you can get your hands on and shove them in between the window and the seat. Lean on and snooze away.

The Cocoon
Only yoga professionals need attempt the Cocoon, a pose so difficult few believe it’s possible. Bring your feet up set them flat on the seat (yes, the seat you are sitting on). Wrap your arms around your legs, rest your face on your knees and fall into a deep, deep slumber.

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By Patrick Hutchison