Top 5 Reasons Thailand Should Be Your Next Vacation

Thailand is an exotic wonderland that everyone thinks about visiting at some point in their lives. These reasons will make it impossible not to go visit the ‘Land of Smiles’ as soon as you can, so be careful!

If you enjoy the comfortable feeling of satisfaction stemming from a warm, delicious meal then Thailand needs to be visited during your immediate future! From smooth and spicy curries to the famous ‘Pad Thai’ noodle dish, Thai cuisine is in a league of it’s own. Whether you like seafood, chicken or are a strict vegetarian there is something for everyone in the land of the Thai people. If spicy food is your thing, Thailand has chili peppers that will clear your system after just a few small bites!

Thai Islands
Picture an island paradise.  Seriously, close your eyes and try to imagine what an island paradise actually looks like in your mind. Perhaps a gorgeous stretch of sand, dotted with palm trees and ending in crystal-clear blue waters comes to mind?  Combine this with a slow-paced lifestyle, a plethora of fresh fruit and jungles full of animals and you have the legendary islands of Thailand.

When’s the last time you ate dinner for less than a couple bucks? Even if you cook yourself, it’s hard to create an entire meal for $2. In Thailand you could easily enjoy dinner for this price and stay a night at a bungalow on the beach for less than a round of beers back home.  As massages are cheaper than a run to McDonalds and quite possibly the best you’ve ever had, now is the time to pay Thailand a visit!

Thailand is known for it’s surreal islands and thick jungles, but what about the more urban side of this vast nation? While the majority of Thai people choose to live in smaller towns scattered throughout the country, there are two big cities that every visitor must experience. Bangkok is a legendary city that is dirty, crowded, smelly and absolutely awesome. It’s full of culture, markets, delicious food and more tuk-tuks than you could ever imagine. In contrast, Chang Mai, the capital of the north is a more natural feeling city. Located at the foothills of jungle-covered mountains, Chang Mai feels more like a huge town. The city has a certain charm and feels like an entirely different world than the crazy capital!

Beer is cheaper than water in Thailand.  Also, the largest island party on earth exists every full moon on a gorgeous island called Koh Phangan. Cheap, locally made rice whiskey can be found absolutely everywhere in the country and it’s almost impossible to meet a local who will turn down a drink.  Seriously, bring your party pants on down to Thailand because you will have the time of your life.

By Alex Vere Nicoll