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Have all around peace of mind with the first ever secure dry bags. The pieces in this series can work independently or together to help secure your things in any conditions. Whether you're island hopping, exploring rainy cities, hanging out poolside, or soaking up the sun on the world's best beaches, Pacsafe will help to keep your gear dry and secure. Rest easy knowing your gear is secured and stays dry too. Safe Travels.

Water safe, not fail safe. The Pacsafe Dry series is designed to withstand aquatic adventures for the brief variety. If you're planning on submerging these bags for long periods of time, then you should consider other options. Think dips, slips and splashes, rather than exploration into the depths of the ocean.


Pacsafe Dry 15L anti-theft portable safe

Lock up all of gear in this secure, IPX6 rated water-resistant bag. High-frequency welded, 360° eXomesh® guarded with an RFIDsafe™ pocket, roll-top sealed - this pack is our most robust option for all-weather, all-activity protection. Get wet, while your things stay dry.

199.95$199.95 USD | 139.97USD$139.97 USD


The Pacsafe Dry series has a range of products each with anti-theft technology designed with protection:

1. For your bag
- Carrysafe® straps protect against cut and run theft
- The anchor strap secures the bag to a fixture and locks the Roobar™ central locking point to prevent bag theft
- eXomesh® 360 system lock ad leave cable secures the bag to a fixed object to help prevent bag theft (featured on Dry 15L anti-theft portable safe)

2. For your belongings - Interlocking zip pullers connect to the Roobar™ central locking point to prevent pockpockets - eXomesh® 360 system wire mesh works to stop bag slashing (featured on Dry 15L anti-theft portable safe)

3. For your identity: - RFIDsafe™ pockets gaurd against credit card skimming or identity theft

Protect your gear from city to surf in this versatile, lockable, water-resistant backpack. A laptop sleeve that doubles as a divider for wet/dry gear, and external straps to attach things like fins or jackets, high-frequency welded seems and anti-theft tech keep your gear inside and dry.

Pacsafe Dry 25L anti-theft backpack, Charcoal, hi-res

Pacsafe Dry 25L anti-theft backpack

159.95$159.95 USD | 111.97USD$111.97 USD

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