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When the winds of adventure call, the VentureSafe X series helps set you on course. This high-performance collection takes Pacsafe's proven anti-theft technology and function-driven designs, and combines them with durable, lightweight materials that will stand the test of time.

Take on the world with the Venturesafe series

Venturesafe X18 anti-theft backpack

Be adventure ready with this backpack that's light, yet loaded with features. With proven anti-theft locking systems, straps and slashguards, a 13 inch laptop/hydration-pack sleeve and organization for all your stuff, you'll be secure and stocked from the tarmac to trail.

119.95USD$119.95 USD


The Venturesafe™ Series has a range of products each with anti-theft technology designed to protect against pickpockets, cut and run theft, bag snatching and RFID skimming. Choose form a range of bacpacks, slings and waist packs to suit your next journey. For the intrepid explorer who seeks only the best.

Each bag comes with patented anti-theft technology from Pacsafe, providing an extra barrier against opportunistic theft when on the road.

- Roobar™ locking system with interlocking zip pullers helps protect against pickpockets and gear thieves.
- PopNLock™ Security Clip secures your bag to an immoveable object with a simple pop and lock action.
- eXomesh® slashguards and Carrysafe® straps protect against cut and run theft.
- RFIDsafe™ pockets help keep your personal information safe from unwanted scanning.

Stay agile with this backpack. Top-tier construction combined with anti-theft technology will keep up with any adventure and keep your valuables secured. Internal organization, a hidden side pocket and room for your 11 inch laptop, means you can fit all your essentials. Pack for the day and start exploring.

RFIDsafe™ blocking pockets & material

eXomesh® Slashguard

PopNlock security clip

Carrysafe® Slashguard Strap with Dyneema®

Venturesafe X12 anti-theft backpack, Plum, hi-res

Venturesafe X12 anti-theft backpack

99.95$99.95 USD | 69.97USD$69.97 USD

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