4 Ways to Log Your Daily Adventure

There’s always a sense of wanderlust when reminiscing through old travel remnants. Although it’s surely important to live in the moment when traveling, sometimes you just can’t help but take a little time out of your day to remember your adventures abroad. Here are 4 ways to keep an adventurer’s log:


1. Photographs

It’s abundantly common now for a traveler to carry a camera as their necessary travel item. I mean, who wouldn’t? There’s something pleasing about capturing a photographic moment or view of your travels in a foreign country. Snapping a photo of something special of which you’d like to remember for more than just that moment is a great way to keep a log of your daily adventures.


2. Journal

Sometimes, written thoughts and personal reflection of your day can improve your travel experience more than your photographs could. Packing a small travel journal and pen is one of the easiest and most convenient ways of logging your daily adventures. Imagine a wonderful day exploring, then spend some personal time at the end of the day to write down your experiences and memories.


3. Mementos

I’ve seen many travelers hold onto items or collect specialty mementos while traveling to remind them of the adventures they had abroad when they return home. I myself have kept every plane ticket I’ve ever received while traveling as my personal adventure log to remind myself of my trips. I’ve seen others collect postcards or stamps to have mailed to themselves or their loved ones. Or even gather items such as the national flag to decorate their homes with. Whichever item brings you the most joy when receiving on your travels, hold tight and dear onto them, for they can be something which you can use to remember your past journeys.


4. Relationships

Perhaps my favorite way to remember my daily adventures abroad is to develop relationships with those who have connected and impacted me during my travels. Although time may be limited when traveling and it may be difficult to develop a deep and personal relationship with someone, that doesn’t mean that you can’t still have a memorable time together and make an effort to stay connected. I’ve developed so many personal and touching relationships while on my travels with people who became an intricate part of my time abroad. An Airbnb host who went above and beyond to be accommodating, a waitress at a cafe I frequented who made great conversation through common interests, or a fellow traveler who was placed in the same group and I had a great time bonding and socializing with. Whoever, hold on to those who you get along with when you travel and make an effort to exchange emails or social media accounts to stay connected.

Traveling can be a hectic journey, and at times you need to remind yourself to stop and enjoy the moment, but there’s no excuse to not log your daily adventures and create a keepsake of memories to reminisce in the future.

Pamela Sandee

Pamela Sandee has an adventurous soul, restless feet and a globally curious mind. Her life’s mission is to live to the absolute fullest and run wherever her heart takes her. Follow her adventures on her blog now!

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