Best Pacsafe Bags To Use As Baby Travel Bags When You’re Travelling With a Toddler


Little travellers surprisingly need quite a bit stuff! With so many different Pacsafe bags to choose from, which one makes for a good and practical baby travel bag? Here are a few that’ll not only give you convenience and style, but with added security to safe-guard their favourite toy too!


A Matter of Size

Naturally you’ll want to consider the size so it’s big enough to carry all the necessities with you. This is especially true for longer journeys. Having a backpack as your baby travel bag definitely helps because you won’t feel the weight on either side of your shoulders especially after a few hours of carrying.

For backpacks we suggest the Pacsafe Venturesafe™ 45L GII anti-theft travel backpack. The extra space will be enough for you to pack all the essentials – extra clothes, food, milk powder and bottles, with enough room to store books and stickers too. The extra zippered compartments and pockets allows for easy management for smaller items,. Real handy!


Ultimate Convenience

If you’re looking for a baby travel bag that’s convenience and easily accessible, nothing beats the good old sling bag. Our Pacsafe Camsafe® V18 anti-theft camera expandable sling bag makes your bag a whole lot more accessible, because you won’t have to set your bag on the floor just to grab something. It comes with compartments used for cameras, but you can easily customise and remove the camera insert since it’s velcro. With room enough for all your baby items, and in typical Pacsafe fashion, you get all the added security features so you can safely store away your passports and wallet too!

Alternatively go with the Venturesafe™ 300 GII anti-theft vertical travel bag instead. This smaller option to the Camsafe® V18 comes in the shape of a backpack, as well as a handy strap for you to sling over your body.


Shedding Some Weight

Some trips during your travel will be shorter, so it’s good to have a smaller tote bag handy. The Pacsafe Citysafe™ LS400 anti-theft travel tote comes with zippered main compartment and other smaller pockets too. This makes your night out to restaurants that much easier when you find yourself without the need of a huge backpack.

Each of these suggestions are great choices in their own way. As long as you consider your usage and the differences in all, you’ll never go wrong with any of these as your ultimate baby travel bag.

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