Discovering the Perfect Backpack for Traveling

I have been traveling and wandering all my adult life, ever since my first solo backpacking trip to Norway and Sweden at age 17. I have traveled far and wide, and I have been to 68 countries from all continents around the globe. A significant achievement, if you consider that traveling hasn’t ever been my top priority: I studied Law and Business for 6 years and worked in Finance for another 5 years. I traveled during my vacations, national holidays, long weekends… you name it! And throughout all these trips and experiences one thing remained the same – my backpack.


It was a gift from my mother when I went for my very first trip, and it has been with me since the start. A good backpack is crucial to the traveler´s persona, as you wouldn’t associate experienced travelers with carry-ons, would you? The reason: the backpack lets you feel free. You can climb with it, store it anywhere, shove it, drag it, and basically carry it however you want, especially if you are traveling light (which you should be).


After all these years, my bag finally gave up. On my last trip to Africa, some not so friendly locals ripped it open while I was attending my pictures. Oh, how rude of me, you can catch my adventures on Instagram: @wanderreds! Back to the story – they didn’t take anything valuable, but the harm was done, my beloved bag was ruined. So, when I got back home, I started searching for a replacement. Believe me, picking the right one is a hard task! Many people will just go to the typical well marketed brands (incredibly overpriced if you ask me), that don’t offer any new added value whatsoever. They might’ve been great and state-of-the-art in their time, but have not evolved from that one bit!


I set out my goals and price range for my new awesome backpack. I didn’t mind it having a slightly high price tag, since quality bags are built to last forever, but I knew I needed something extra. The moment I heard about Pacsafe, I knew I had a winner. These guys had innovated the next level of backpacks: with their anti-theft technology, you get the same old quality backpack with all the new improvements this day and age should have:

  • eXomesh® slashguards
  • RFIDsafe pocket
  • Smart Zipper Security
  • Turn and Lock Security hooks

I’m not obsessed with security, but these things are incredibly handy on any trip, and ESSENTIAL when you travel to more untapped places where mainstream tourism has yet to blossom. I grabbed my Venturesafe X40 PLUS on Pacsafe’s online store, and I would recommend you do the same if you’re looking for a new travel bag.


Follow me on Instagram (@wanderreds) and catch my Pacsafe bag in my shots from my upcoming trip to Iran!

Hope to see you all around on the road, or on Instagram!

Wander Reds

Wander Reds is all about sustainable travels, the kind of trips everyone can afford and take on. He is an inspiration to all travelers, demonstrating that you don’t have to give up your job in order to see the world. Follow his adventures on Instagram now.

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