East vs. West: Best Food Trucks in America

The food industry continuously woks up creative restaurant ideas, splashed with spice and style. The food truck industry is a booming’ and who wouldn’t want to savor something delicious that comes out of a truck. Big cities and small towns across America are whipping up meals on wheels for a healthy fast food.  From tacos to ice cream cones, the concoctions are mouthwatering and the innovative flavors keep the customers coming back.  So who has the best food trucks in America? That’s for you to taste and decide.

1grilledcheesegrillThe Grilled Cheese Grill | Portland, Oregon
Americans love cheese, especially when its slapped between two slices of buttery bread and served with a side of pickles. This Portland food truck has three neighborhood locations from serving out of a double bus where the dining is on the second level, or taking a trip down nostalgia lane by eating your sandwich in a bright yellow school bus. From vegan to gluten free, to the sour apple and the “Chesus” burger, this is a must taste sandwich for cheese lovers.

2 Maximus Minimus_foodMaximus / Minimus | Seattle, Washington
If you see a metal pig driving throughout the city, then you have just laid your eyes on the best pulled pork sandwiches in town. Going “hog wild” with two sauces: the hot and spicy maximus and the sweet and tangy minimus, top your sandwich with the ever-so-amazing Beecher’s cheese. Not into pig? No problem. Chicken and vegetarian options are available with additional maximus / minimus flavors.

3 chairmantruckThe Chairman Truck | San Francisco, California
Voted best food truck in San Francisco, look out for the giant red and white truck decorated with a massive panda face. This not-your-average truck serves the best of Asia on a bun, known as Gua bao, or bun sandwich. These Taiwanese snacks either steam or bake the buns and served with a variety of meats and veggies. The Coca-Cola braised pork sure sounds like an American dream.

4 The-Crepuscule-foodThe Crepuscule | Los Angeles, California
What happens when you fuse France and Tahiti? Your results are one wildly sweet and savory crepe that blends the best of both countries. Look for the sunset truck decorated in frangipani flowers, Tiki statues and the Eiffel Tower. Try a specialty or create your own – the choice is yours. 

One of the Tamale Spaceship crew in full luchador garbThe Tamale Spaceship | Chicago, Illinois
Inspired by Mexican wrestlers (luchadores), this award-winning truck is serving the best, authentic Mexican cuisine in “The Windy City.” The homemade tamales are decorated with various flavors of mole sauce, which almost looks too pretty to eat. Guacamole lovers – here comes the most flavorful mixture of ingredients to hit your lips.

6 oraleOrale Taqueria Mexicana | Miami, Florida
Decked out in Mexican flag colors, red, white and green, this gourmet food trucks stands out. Explore old-school but gourmet tacos topped with fancy ingredients. Warning to taco-goers, go light on the homemade sauces, unless you want to sweat for hours in hot and humid Miami.

7 The Big Gay Ice Cream TruckThe Big Gay Ice Cream Truck | New York City
A cross between Mister Softie and Mario Batail, this NYC food truck has hit the streets and media like crazy the last several years. With a storefront the truck roams around town throughout the summer. They are serving up traditional soft-serve ice cream with whacky toppings like wasabi nuts, olive oil and sea salt and Nilla Wafers. You’ll leave with more than an eclectic ice cream cone, but all customers leave with a smile thanks to the friendly owners, Doug and Bryan.

8 kravKrav Food Truck | Cleveland, Ohio
Follow the Mediterranean city on wheels as you savor and crave the best of the lands abroad. Primarily in the Avon Lake region, Krav does travel downtown with loyal customers following the scent of chicken and lamb gyros. Known for mouthwatering burgers, the owner sure knows how to add flavor to just about anything.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABiryani Park | Boston, Massachusetts
One taste of the any of the 23 South Indian Doshas, you will undergo a religious experience. Using only Organic and Halal meats, Biryani also caters to vegetarian, vegan and gluten free palates. These awards winning truck serves Sri Lankan and Indo-Chinese cuisine and if you’re not hungry, try sweet mango lassi or coconut water.

10 Vegan YachtVegan Yacht | Austin, Texas
Yes, it’s true; Texas does have some veggie options. Look for the octopus riding a bike logo to experience the best of vegan food from quesadillas to vegan chili to a “slamwich.”  If you have a sweet tooth, try the “no bee harmed” chai or one of those amazing brownies.

11 Fojol_Brothers_of_MerlindiaFojol Brothers | Washington DC
What looks like the Wizard of OZ are actually four innovative dudes serving the best of the Merlindian and Benethopian lands. The Lossipops are a sure treat to try, but for those who love spice and flavor try the chicken Marsala and berbere lentils.

12 YakameinYakamein | New Orleans, Louisiana
If Anthony Bourdein loved it, you will too. This Asian soup cures NOLA souls with a bowl full of noodles and meat warmed in a savory broth. Spice it up with local creole or Cajun seasoning. This soup is referred to as, “Old Sober,” as it’s known to cure really bad hangovers. Good to know, since drinking too much on Bourbon Street wouldn’t happen in the NOLA right?

Elizabeth Kovar

Elizabeth is a fitness professional, workshop presenter and freelance writer. She is an active traveler who treks the globe looking for interesting stories to write and places to photograph. Her most significant travel achievements include living and volunteering in Australia twice and studied yoga in India.

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