Finding the Perfect Bag

Narrowing down the perfect bag can be a difficult endeavor. Almost as important as selecting the perfect traveling partner, having the right bag for the trip can make a big difference. It can’t be too big, but you don’t want to have to sit on it to get it to close either. You need plenty of organization and all of the best security features, but you also want it to look good too. Whether you’re in search of the perfect Parisian cafe or trekking through the French alps, you need a bag that’s functional and adaptable. We hear you, and while there are numerous factors at work in selecting the perfect bag, identifying your travel style can help you figure out which bag will meet your needs.

The minimalist: Metrosafe 100
You don’t even like to carry a bag. If you had your way, you’d just stuff everything into your pockets and call it a day. In fact, it’s not unheard of to find you wandering through the streets of Rome with nothing more than your wallet and a battered map in your jacket pocket. However, sometimes you break down and bust out a bag to carry the multitude of odds and ends that add up on a day trip. Your phone, wallet, map, guide book (in the off chance you have one), and a bottle of water. The MetroSafe 100 is the perfect option for you. Small and sleek, but plenty of room for the necessities.

The blogger: Venturesafe
You have things to write, tweet, and Instagram. You can’t be caught more than two minutes without your favorite electronics and you need something sleek, yet burly to protect your laptop, iPad, and SmartPhone. It can’t be too big because you’re on the run, comfort is a must, and because you’re at the forefront of traveling, eating, and fashion trends, you need something that looks good too. Go with the VentureSafe.

The photographer: Camsafe
You’re always five steps ahead or behind everyone else trying to catch the perfect shot. You have a habit of wandering off and though your traveling buddies sometimes find your desire to stop every two steps a little tedious, they’re always begging you for the photos when you get home. You need a bag specifically designed to house your valuable photography gear and one that doesn’t get in the way while you’re trying to get your photography groove on. The Camsafe provides all the room you need for your camera and accessories while also sporting all of the security features you could ever wish for.

The parent: Slingsafe
Whether you have kids or not, you’re the one in the group that is constantly looking out for everyone. You’re the responsible one that actually wrote down the name and address of the hotel and it occurred to you to bring a map. You babysit people when they’re drunk and you’ve mastered a few necessary language phrases. Inevitably your traveling friends will turn to you and ask, “Hey, can I put this in your bag?” And luckily for you, you’ll have the Slingsafe so you’ll have plenty of room for whatever odds and ends are thrown your way.

The beach bum: Citysafe 400 Hobo Bag
Here is your itinerary: Wake up, eat breakfast, go to beach, eat dinner, go to sleep. You need a bag that will reflect your casual and relaxed vacation while also carrying your towel, change of clothes, books, and anything else you might need for a day in the sun. Sunscreen for example. The Citysafe Hobo Bag will keep everything secure while you’re looking good catching some sun on la playa.

By Nikki Hodgson