5 Ways to Entertain Yourself in an Airport Overnight

Man sleeping in airport


We’ve all been there. Whether it’s getting stuck because of weather, absurdly early flight departures, or budgetary constraints, most travelers have spent a night or two trying to contort their bodies around the armrests of airport chairs in an effort to steal an hour or two of sleep. Inevitably, just as you’ve drifted off despite not having your DownLinens Deluxe Down Pillow, your leg falls asleep or the janitor rolls through at 1:00 a.m. making as much noise as humanly possible and then you’re stuck staring at the ceiling wondering how on Earth you’re going to prevent yourself from dying of boredom over the next seven hours.

Luggage cart races
Oh, come on! Who doesn’t enjoy a good luggage cart race? Those things will really pick up some speed going down an empty airport corridor. Remember how much fun you had as a kid (or as an adult) racing a grocery cart through an empty parking lot? Yeah. This is about ten times more fun than that. If you can’t find any good luggage carts, try commandeering one of the guest wheelchairs. Do I need to tell you to make sure nobody else really needs it first? Ok, good.

Yeah, they still exist. If your airport of choice is lacking in the wifi department, get yourself a cheap calling card and spend a few hours catching up with your friends and family in various timezones. Or prank calling people. Either way. The key to this is to double check you’re calling someone at an appropriate hour in their respective timezone. Your mom probably doesn’t want to have a heart-to-heart chat with you at 2:00 in the morning.

Ok, the obvious downside to this one is that there is enormous potential to get pretty sweaty and, unless you have access to a business lounge, nowhere to grab a quick shower. However, a yoga session, a few sprints up the “down” escalator, or a few laps around the airport with your Ultimatesafe 32L on your back, does wonders to help pass the time. It’s also a nice way to start a 10-hour flight.

Impromptu Karaoke Bar
I’ve always wanted to do this, but after an hour or two of running up and down the escalators, I generally lose all motivation to do anything but collapse in a heap on the floor. One computer, a few music files, the gate PA system, and voilà, karaoke. It’s a great way to make new friends and likely a few enemies. Not everyone appreciates a good off-key singing session at 2 in the morning.

Make a Video
Watch this – trust me. Best “stuck in an airport” video ever

STUCK from Joe Ayala on Vimeo.

By Nikki Hodgson